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Eggy Party’s recipe for success starts with UGC

We sat down with Kuan Cheng, the Lead Producer for Eggy Party, at GDC 2024 to talk about user-generated content, a Nintendo Switch release, and more.

Eggy Party interview - a group of egg-shaped characters next to a Chinese dragon

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kuan Cheng, the Lead Producer for Eggy Party, at GDC 2024 to talk about user-generated content, the potential for ports across all platforms, and the game’s global release.

So, sit back, grab some toast for dippin’, and learn more about Eggy Party’s recipe for success and what sets it apart from other mobile party games. Oh, and you should probably grab some Eggy Party codes while you’re here.

Pocket Tactics: It feels hard to pin down the genre Eggy Party fits into, how would you describe the game to a new user?

Kuan Cheng: So, I think we’re a party game with socialization as part of our most unique selling point. The other point would be our UGC, user-generated content. These are the two most important selling points that we want to present to the users.

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What makes Eggy Party stand out from the crowd of cute and casual mobile games?

What makes us stand out I think is our UGC system. We have a very, very unique UGC echo system and we’ve built a good UGC tool for our users. It has a very low entrance bar which makes it easier to use and can enable our creators to not just create the levels and stages but also to express themselves. Right now we have over 100 million user-created maps in our game. This number is quite amazing and we’re very proud of it.

The game started off massively popular in China, did you have to make any changes or concessions for the global release?

As a UGC-focused game, localization is very, very important for us, especially for the global market. We put a lot of effort into empowering our creators to create different kinds of maps and content for the local players. We also try to learn from the culture and expectations of players from all over the world. We encourage local creators to create localized content for local players, which is a very important part of our gameplay.

Do you plan to bring Eggy Party to the Nintendo Switch, PC, or platforms in the future?

Yes! As a party game, we need to adapt to the user and their preferred platform, so we have a plan to launch the game on all different platforms.

We know microtransactions are a necessary part of keeping a mobile game going, can you tell us a little about the in-game transactions? Can players still enjoy the game in full without paying?

First and foremost, we’re a completely free-to-play game. Our main way to monetize is through cosmetics, so even if we had a battle pass system, it would also focus on the cosmetics or the looks and outfits of the character, it wouldn’t affect the balance of the game. This is the core of Eggy Party.

Eggy Party interview - a group of egg-shaped characters decorating a Christmas tree

What does the future look like for Eggy Party?

We’ve just launched globally in almost all different countries other than Japan and Korea, and we’re focusing now on cultivating our creators in all of the main markets and the localization of the game in different markets.

We want to further enhance the experience in different countries to make it more suitable for the player’s expectations. Also, as I mentioned before, we’re considering launching the game on different platforms.

How frequently can players expect updates and new content?

I think one of the main reasons for our success is that we respond very quickly. We have a very easy way to update our game and keep people interested. We try to do updates every week. Of course, these updates can be major or minor ones, and then we try to have one season for each month and a half.

Do you have any crossovers with other IPs in the pipeline?

As we’ve just launched in the global market, we’re actively looking for IP partners who we can cooperate with, and do crossover events with. We’re looking to involve more famous IPs and turn them into the eggy shape, which we find very interesting, it would be fun for both us and the players.

I’d like to thank Kuan Cheng for sitting down with me at GDC and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eggy Party! For more content like this make sure you check out our lists of the best mobile games and new mobile games coming this year.