The best new mobile games: Gacha Club, Stellaris: Galaxy Command, and more

Here are our personal picks for new iOS and Android games you should play this weekend

New mobile games come out at a swift rate. That’s due to the popularity of the scene and the fact that hyper-casual titles can be created, and launched, at a startling pace – to put it mildly.

Even when iOS and Android games do come out they can be tricky to keep track of. Plenty of upcoming mobile games enter soft launch – meaning that they launch in certain countries, gather feedback, and then become available in different countries. While it’s exciting to see what developers are working on, playing these games can be tricky as the mobile game needs to be available in your country and on your chosen handheld device, too.

All this can make things difficult if you’re looking to pick a new mobile game that you can actually play. As such, we’re going to highlight new mobile games each week that we reckon you’ll enjoy spending some time with. On that note, here are some new mobile games on Android and iOS that we reckon you should try over the weekend.

the best new mobile games are:

Some gameplay from Sinoalice


After some time in Japan, Nier Automata creator Yoko Taro’s Sinoalice has finally made the journey west. Good news for all, as we could all do with some more Yoko Taro in our life.

Sinoalice whisks you away to a world ruled by a library. Your job is to help characters of famous fairytales obtain the power to revive their authors. Gameplay-wise, this one is a turn-based RPG with lots of multiplayer options. You can download it on iOS and Android now.

Stellaris Galaxy Command

This week another beloved strategy title made its way to mobile. Stellaris Galaxy Command offers a simple premise to explain all the base and fleet management you’re going to do. The universe has barely survived an inter-dimensional space invasion, and you’re on hand to help humanity rebuild.

Gameplay-wise Stellaris splits your time between managing space outposts and strategising how to conquer more land. The mobile strategy game isn’t for everyone, though. In his Stellaris Galaxy Command review, Sean says “I love Stellaris, but I feel like Galaxy Command is too crowded to really capture the essence of what makes the original so special.”

If you need some help untangling it, we’ve published a Stellaris Galaxy Command guide to help you do just that. You can catch the strategy game on iOS and Android.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

If you’re looking for anime-related fun this weekend then maybe One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is for you.

In case you haven’t played the last game, Road to Hero is a team-building game where you can collect various characters and train them up into a formidable team. Saitama isn’t available, mind you, but that probably makes sense from a gameplay perspective.

Battles are turn-based and require you to think about where you position your team. A tank, for example, maybe best served in the front line so it can protect your healer. One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is on iOS and Android.

Gacha Club

Part-combat and part-fashion, Gacha Club is undoubtedly a quirky experience. You start the game by customising a character and then split your time by engaging in turn-based battles and organising photo shoots to show your chibi character off. The two are linked of course. Competing fights gets you the currency that you can Gacha for more characters and gear.

If you’d like to learn more before downloading the casual game on Android, we’ve put together a Gacha Club Download guide to get you set up. We’ve also put together an explainer on what Gacha Club codes are all about. It’s currently only on Android, but it should come to iOS soon.

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If you’d like some more recommendations, we also have a list of the best iOS and Android games you can check out. You can also check back next week for more new mobile games that we think are worth your attention.

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