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Eggy Party players have cooked up more than 100 million maps

Eggy Party currently has more than 100 million user-generated maps, and the developers think this is thanks to an accessible creation suite.

Eggy Party user-generated maps image featuring Hiccup the Cake Dragon in front of other colorful characters

At GDC, NetEase Games announced that there are more than 100 million Eggy Party user-generated maps, showing just how popular the game has been since its launch this year. As of February 9, there are more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide, of which 40 million daily active are from China.

While some mobile games offer user-generated content (Poppy Playtime Forever on Roblox is a good example), not many offer such a streamlined creation suite, which the development team believes is the reason for so many maps. We’re inclined to agree, as the simpler a suit is, the more accessible and inviting it is, meaning more of you are likely to let your imagination run wild.

To date, 60% of players have at least gone into the creation suite, so we have no doubt that the user-generated maps will keep rolling in, especially as the possibilities feel endless, thanks to numerous game modes, events, and costumes.

“With more than 100M high-quality UGC maps in Eggy Party, global players have been very active to immerse themselves in the infinite possibilities of the Eggyverse,” says NetEase head of games overseas publishing Matt Liu. “We appreciate our fans’ amazing work and enthusiasm, and we are eager to welcome more players to join us on Eggy Party’s fantastic journey!”

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