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Epic Games Store is officially coming to Android and iOS

With the Epic Games Store coming to Android and iOS, does this mean the return of Fornite to iPhone? Well, it depends where you are.

Custom image from GDC State of Unreal 2024 showing Fortnite characters on the screen for Epic Games Store on Android and iOS news

It’s official, the Epic Games Store is coming to Android and iOS. Finally. Yes, this means that Fortnite is returning to iPhone later this year, after a long wait. This might sound like exciting news, but there is a catch, and it’s a pretty big one for our readers in the US.

Epic revealed its official Android and iOS store launch, coming later in the year, during the State of Unreal 2024 showcase live from GDC. We’ve heard rumors of the Epic Games Store coming to Android and iOS for a while, but there’s been a few stumbling blocks for the powerhouse publisher, including a long-running feud with Apple and the App Store. Epic alluded to this during the reveal, suggesting that it has been, “tirelessly fighting gatekeepers on mobile platforms.”

However, remember that catch we mentioned earlier? It seems that we can only expect the app to arrive in Europe for iOS unless Apple applies recent changes to the way its App Store works globally. This isn’t a problem for Android users, with Epic Games Store seemingly launching globally later this year, but it’s a big blow to many players looking forward to picking up Fortnite, one of the best battle royale games out there, once again on iPhone.

Still, the fact that Apple’s rules mean that the Epic Games Store is exclusive to iPhone users in Europe should put more pressure on the smartphone brand to loosen its rules around the App Store globally. We don’t know for sure, but Epic launching the Epic Games Store on mobile is a clear statement of intent, as is its more generous 88/12 developer share for sales, which is much better for developers than the Apple and Google Play alternatives. We’ll be keeping an eye on both companies over the next few months to see if anything changes in their chaotic dynamic.

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There you have it, the news that the Epic Games Store is coming to Android and iOS platforms. For some mobile game freebies while you’re here, check out our guides to Coin Master free spins and free Monopoly Go dice.