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Sci-fi MMORPG Eve Echoes launches mid-August

NetEase Games confirmed in a livestream yesterday that Eve Echoes, the mobile port of the cult PC MMORPG, will release mid-August on iOS and Android. Other features were also confirmed during the stream, including personal outposts, corporation banners, ship skins, and, most exciting of all, a new faction. Yan-Jung are not *technically* new, since they are actually an ancient race from the same universe, but they will apparently bring advanced warp-drive tech to any who choose them as a faction. Looks like no more long commutes between the mining asteroids then.

Yan-Jung also have a notably historical aesthetic. We were shown a Yan-Jung battle cruiser that was shaped like a spear, and the developers mentioned during the stream that this was a way of adding more diversity to Eve’s universe with an ‘Oriental’ themed faction.

The stream also covered some other subjects, such as a brief look at the game’s monetisation, which is split into two Omega Clone passes of varying price, to gives you some options. Advanced tutorials are also coming to the game, to help you deal with the MMORPG’s steep learning curve. All in all, it was a pretty exciting reveal.

But don’t take out word for it, you can watch the full hour-long stream below:

Eve Online is regarded as one of the most complex MMORPG’s out there, with its own economy, and a great deal of depth, and while we know a lot about Eve Echoes already, we’re curious to see how well the experience translates to mobile.

The developers on stream also mentioned that both the feedback from the beta, which launched earlier this year, and the goal of bringing the classic Eve experience to mobile, were two cornerstones of Eve Echoes development. If you want to find out more, have a look at our tips guide for the Eve Echoes beta.

We don’t know exactly when Eve Echoes will launch, but at least ‘mid-August’ doesn’t leave too much room for doubt. The beta is only available in a variety of regions, but you can pre-register your interest on Google Play or on the Eve Echoes website for iOS.