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Everything we know about Eve Echoes

We've got info on everything you can expect to find in the sci-fi MMORPG

NetEase Games’s adaptation of the cult sci-fi MMORPG, Eve Online, is one of the most anticipated mobile games of the past couple of years. In some respects this is because Eve is such a huge, complex, beast of a game, with a real player-made economy, and functioning corporations that almost rival their real world counterparts. Eve Echoes somehow streamlines all of this for mobile, and that in itself is an incredible feat. So what do we know so far about this adaptation?

Through the beta earlier this year, some live-streams, and an interview we recently had with two of the game’s developers, we’ve got a pretty good picture of how things will shape out in Eve Echoes, whether in terms of launch, or what potential future content players might be able to get their hands on.

Since we now know the game will launch in mid-August, there seems no better way to count down to release than by keeping track of what info we’ve hot to hand. So here’s our guide to everything we know about Eve Echoes.

What do we know about eve echoes?

Whether it’s the new features coming to the game as it’s streamlined for mobile, new ships, or the new faction coming to the game, there are plenty of changes in store for when you take flight in Eve’s new universe.

personal outposts

One of the coolest additions that was announced during the recent live-stream, was the Personal Outpost. And these will come with a variety of cool features:

  • Build-able in low-sec and null-sec regions, they act as your early game base
  • They function a bit like stations, with missions, and advantages in region activities, like mining
  • You can’t make them in Corporate headquarters, the outposts are just for you
  • You can attack them
  • There’s a limit of one per player initially


NetEase is also introducing some changes to the Corporation system, with the view of both streamlining and retaining this all important aspect of Eve:

  • The member limits for Corporations are 50 minimum, and 200 maximum
  • You can design your own corporate banner
  • Older features from Eve will arrive at a later date, such as the Corporate wallet, and the classic corporate permissions system

In-app purchases

Though we don’t know exact pricing, or what they entail yet, we do know that Eve Echoes will have microtransactions:

  • There are two Omega Clone passes to choose from, to give you a varied selection of price and content
  • The monetisation system from Eve Online is used as the model for Eve Echoes

Economy, cross-play, and porting characters

The player-driven economy is a huge element of Eve, and many of you are also curious as to whether you’ll be able to bring across characters from the original game:

  • The short answer is no. Eve Echoes is a fresh universe, so player progress won’t – and probably can’t – port over
  • Eve Online’s economy system will appear in Eve Echoes, but neither will impact the other, as Echoes has its own separate economy
  • There are no plans for cross-play, since Echoes takes place in a universe whose systems are isolated from Eve Online

New ships and ship skins

Now for your favourite bit; the massive space ships. Eve Echoes has some new skins, as well as some entirely new ships courtesy of the new race, Yan-Jung:

  • Popular and classic ship skins from Eve Online have been revamped for Eve Echoes
  • There are new ships, such as the Yan-Jun battle cruiser picture above, shaped like a spear to take influence from historical weaponry
  • Capitol and Sub-Capitol ships aren’t in the game at launch, but will appear for free as an expansion in the future
  • The Fifth Element skins are inspired by each of the elements, i.e fire, earth, and water

Advanced tutorials

Eve Online is a complex game, to say the least, and NetEase wants to tackle that. With this in mind, NetEase is introducing advanced tutorials to help players with the learning curve:

  • The basic tutorials in Eve Online are available in Echoes
  • There are tutorials for specific roles you want to take, such as an advanced mining tutorial, or a tutorial to teach you about ship combat and piracy

 new faction

The Yan-Jung are a new faction for Eve Echoes, but they are technically not a new faction at all. This ancient race existed in the universe long before the game’s current races, and make their return in this game:

  • Yan-Jung has advanced warp technology
  • The faction’s aesthetic channels China’s golden age, reflecting periods such as the Han Dynasty in architecture, material, and design
  • Their ships incorporate elements such as historical weaponry
  • NetEase Games stated that this was their way as a Chinese developer of adding a personal element to the game

New features, UI improvements, and streamlined for mobile

Eve Echoes is not just an adaptation of Eve Online, but also a project in streamlining the original game, and making it functional on mobile, while also retaining that classic Eve experience we love:

  • There are some Relics at launch, but exploration will gradually arrive later
  • Due to suggestions from the beta, Eve Echoes will now feature offline autopilot
  • Echoes features Encounter Missions, which you can select from a menu, rather than having to trudge back and forth between mission agents
  • The core mechanics remain the same, but NetEase’s goal is to optimise controls for mobile, and streamline the complex aspects of Eve into simpler forms, i.e, the UI above

That’s everything we know so far! We’re extremely excited to see how Eve Echoes shapes up during this period before launch, and to discover what other features might be awaiting us.

Speaking to Senior Producer, Wei Su at NetEase, he said that the team is “happy to take the challenge of extending the influence of Eve Online, and the classic, sandbox, MMORPG experience it represents.” We can’t wait to see how it shapes up.

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