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Have a farming great time in Fantasy Town

The Fantasy Town release date might not be here yet, but for those of you in Spain and the Nordics, you can play it through its soft launch

A town and crops

The Fantasy Town release date is here for some of you, technically at least, as the new mobile farming sim is now in soft launch in Spain and the Nordics – Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, etc. So, if you’re in those regions, you might want to dive in and live your best farming life.

However, just because the Fantasy Town release date is a ways off for the rest of the world, that doesn’t mean you and your inner farmer John can’t be excited at the prospect of building not just your own farm, but an entire town. It has similar vibes to Stardew Valley, in that you get to explore, produce crops, trade with the locals, and engage in combat against some trolls.

“Today’s soft launch brings us one step closer to the full release of Fantasy Town,” Gamigo CEO Jens Knauber says. “Our focus for this phase is to receive feedback from real-world players and to see what kind of engagement they provide. With crops to plant, goods to trade, and adventures to go on, there will be plenty of content for mobile players to enjoy from day one and beyond.”

What is the Fantasy Town release date?

There’s no set Fantasy Town release date yet, but it’s coming to iOS and Android devices sometime this year.

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