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Is the FIFA 23 World Cup mode on Switch?

FIFA 23’s World Cup mode is bundled into the main game this year, giving you a chance to recreate the world-famous competition, but is it on Nintendo Switch?

FIFA 23 Switch - Kylian Mbappe, arms under his armpits, looking happy, ona green football pitch with bright sky behind him.He has short shaved hair and a PSG kit on.

FIFA 23’s World Cup mode is live, filling the football simulation with the block colours of international kits as everyone makes their way to Qatar. If you enjoy arguably the biggest sports tournament in the world, then you’re bound to want to give it a virtual rerun whenever you can.

So, we can help you learn how to download the FIFA 23 World Cup mode, as well as the various different features therein. For more, check out our FIFA 23 ratings, FIFA 23 crossplay, and FIFA 23 OTW guides to keep abreast of all the latest changes in the global megahit from EA Sports.

Anyway, here’s our FIFA 23 World Cup guide:

FIFA 23 World Cup: four footballplayers looking fierce. The oneon the left has short black hair and a red shirt. IN the middle is slightly spiked dark hair and a yellow shirt. To the right is an ornage shirted very short haired player,and then a white shirted player.

Is the FIFA 23 World Cup update available on Nintendo Switch?

No, the Nintendo Switch is the only console that does not get the FIFA 23 World Cup mode. This is due to the Switch version being fundamentally different from the main home console versions – and being fundamentally the same as its previous versions for the last few years.

FIFA 23 World Cup: three players in red running around and celebrating in a stadium with Canadian flags flying in the background in the stands of a football pitch.

How do I download the FIFA 23 World Cup mode?

If you decide to move away from Nintendo’s handheld to relive the wonderful surprises of the competition, downloading the FIFA 23 World Cup update is as simple as updating the game. If this hasn’t happened automatically, head to the game page to check for updates.

On Xbox, head to your games library and scroll down to the updates tab to see if there are any available. On PlayStation, head to the game, press options, and press ‘check for updates’.

That’s all we’ve got on the FIFA 23 World Cup mode and its sad lacking on the Nintendo Switch. For more, check out our FIFA 23 career mode, FIFA 23 crossplay, and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team guides.