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Switch tactics titan Fire Emblem Engage has wonderful animations

Fans are picking apart tiny nuances in Fire Emblem Engage’s animations, showing off the Nintendo Switch tactics title’s attention to detail

Fire Emblem Engage - the main character from FE Engage, a man with scruffy red hair on one side, blue on the other, white armour and regal sword, looking happy.

Fire Emblem Engage is a gorgeous game. The bright colours, eye-popping character designs, and pristine polish all over the game are exceptional, like the thing is slathered in golden syrup. It’s lovely.

While our Fire Emblem Engage review found a handful of issues with the tactics title, none were in regards to the visuals. One place the game really shines is in the battles, where Fire Emblem Engage’s animations show off a keen eye for detail.

And this is something fans are going bonkers for all over. A quick look at Twitter or Reddit shows avid fans praising its beauty, and they’re picking out some excellent examples. So, we’ve grabbed some of our favourites so you too can gawk at the game.

The first one that caught my eye was a video showing Diamant sliding down some stairs in a battle animation. This isn’t just impressive because it looks cool, but also because the same attack has different animations depending on the terrain. How long did that take?

YouTube Thumbnail

If you want a full breakdown of Fire Emblem Engage animations in comparison to the previous entry, the video above does a good job. It really shows how much extra luxury has gone into this game.

This video on Twitter shows off another impressive feature. With Alear taking on an enemy near a rocky lakeside, you can see her leg contact the ground and the rock at different heights – something that may only happen a handful of times in the games. I mean, I played all of the thing and only saw this sort of stuff every now and then.

Anyway, if you’ve picked up the game and gawked at the animations enough, check out our Fire Emblem characters, Fire Emblem Engage rings, Fire Emblem Engage romance, and Fire Emblem Engage endings guides for even more FE content.