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Fire Emblem Engage rings

Need an explainer for Fire Emblem Engage rings? This guide is here to help you get to grips with the precious pieces of jewellery and is sure to ring your bell.

Fire Emble Engage rings: Key art from Fire Emblem Engage shows the male and female versions of Alear in the foregroun, while Marth and Ike are visible in the background

With a name like Fire Emblem Engage, it makes sense that it involves a lot of rings. But don’t worry. You don’t have to get down on one knee, as these rings are nothing to do with marriage. Instead, Fire Emblem Engage rings serve two important purposes, and you need to get to grips with both of them to build the strongest team as you head into battle. 

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Let’s dive into our Fire Emblem Engage rings guide. 

Fire Emblem Engage rings 

Fire Emblem Engage rings: a screenshot shows a menu with Fire Emblem characters and rings

What are Fire Emblem Engage rings? 

Rings play an integral part in the story and mechanics of Fire Emblem Engage and come in two types. Emblem rings are what you use to summon Fire Emblem Engage Emblems, spirits of heroes from the past of the Fire Emblem franchise, that appear alongside characters in a battle to assist with attacks and boost stats. 

Next up are the bond rings, which make up part of the Fire Emblem Engage gacha mechanic. You can spend resources to purchase bond rings and equip them to boost the stats of the main playable characters like Alear and friends. They’re different from Emblem rings and are instead another type of equipable item specifically to assist the main units.

What are Fire Emblem Engage Emblem rings? 

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem rings are an equipable item that summons heroes from the past to fight alongside the main characters in Fire Emblem Engage. Characters like Marth, Roy, Byleth, Corrin, are just a few that you can equip as an Emblem using rings. Equipping these heroes allows each main character with one to receive stat boosts, as well as use a unique Engage attack from each character, based on their skills from their own appearances in the past. Fire Emblem Engage rings are found as you progress through the main story. 

Fire Emblem Engage rings: a screenshot shows a menu with Fire Emblem characters and rings

What are Fire Emblem Engage bond rings? 

Fire Emblem Engage bond rings are slightly less important than Emblem rings but still serve an integral purpose. Much like Emblem rings, bond rings still have a connection to the spirit of a past hero from the Fire Emblem franchise, but these are not equipable as Emblems. Instead, when equipped by your main units, they offer unique stat changes. 

They can be swapped for coins through a gacha mechanic, with random rings occurring as prizes. You can also fuse Bond rings to power them up when you have too many, so collecting as many as possible is the aim! You’d better save your gold.

That’s all we have on Fire Emblem Engage rings for today folks, but with the game so close to launch, expect this guide to be updated with even more details as soon as we get our hands on the latest FE release. If you haven’t snagged yourself a copy yet, be sure to check out our Fire Emblem Engage pre-order guide so you don’t miss out, and check out our Fire Emblem Engage review to see why you need to add it to your collection!