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Fortnite joins Olympic Esports Week in the sport shooting category

Sport shooting is the latest category added to the first Olympic Esports Week, with Fortnite heading up the event with a customised island.

Fortnite Olympic Esports week: new promotional image for the collaboration

The Olympic Esports Series takes place this year, with some events already underway, and ending with the live finals in June. There are plenty of games involved, but none as impressively as Fortnite, the hugely successful battle royale.

Created by the International Olympic Committee and game publishers, the global competition includes ten categories of simulated sports for participants to compete in. The live finals take place in Singapore’s Suntec Centre in the week of June 22-25, 2023.

Fortnite’s category is the sport shooting event and has its own in-game location for the challenge, created with the help of the International Shooting Sport Federation. The Fortnite Creative island reflects the shooting competition and its design tests the aiming accuracy and navigation skills of the players involved. Twelve players from the 2023 Fortnite Champion Series compete on a global scale to try and win.

The rest of the event is host to a four-day festival both on and offline celebrating sports and gaming together. Categories include dance, via Just Dance, archery in Tic Tac Bow, and motorsport in Gran Turismo 7. Exhibition matches take place here too, with players having a go at NBA 2K23 and other pinnacle titles.

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Players have won some qualifying rounds already, but there’s plenty more to go. Sailing, baseball, and chess are among the categories that already have competitors going for gold, with the other categories following in the next few weeks.

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