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Tennis games on Switch and mobile

If you want the best tennis games on Switch and mobile, here's a list of cartoony chaos on clay courts and face offs against a Williams sister at Wimbledon.

Screenshot from Mario Tennis Aces for tennis games on Switch and mobile guide

Our list of the best tennis games on Switch and mobile is so comprehensive that it would even bring Andy Murray out in a smile. From lifelike sims of the pro tour to arcade-style experiences that offer a little more than serving and backhands, there’s something for everyone regardless of if they prefer to play on grass or clay. Or in space, apparently. 

If you’re not into tennis but swinging sport gear is still your thing, why not check out our picks for the best baseball games, fishing games, and golf games on Switch and mobile. Or, if you prefer to spend your time on the track rather than the court, browse our lists for the best racing games and the best car games on Switch and mobile.

With that out the way, let’s start the first set in our list of the best tennis games on Switch and mobile. 

Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis – mobile

Love cartoons as much as you love tennis? Well, we recommend taking Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis for a spin. It’s a decent tennis experience, with a decent amount of Nickelodeon flare. Fancy the idea of taking Angelica from Rugrats, and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles having a game of tennis under the ocean outside the Krusty Krab? This is the game for you.

It’s a casual and arcady experience, so won’t quite hit the spot for this craving for some realism. While you might be inclined to think that this was a quick cash grab, the gameplay has a surprising amount of depth, and whether you prefer playing with friends or CPU opponents, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

Screenshot from Mario Tennis Aces for tennis games on Switch and mobile guide

Mario Tennis Aces – Switch

The latest edition in a long line of Mushroom Kingdom tennis tours, Mario Tennis Aces is the definitive way to take to the courts with the plumber and his pals. With a story mode chock-full of challenges, a diverse roster of series favorites, and an online mode that genuinely rivals that of the more realistic tennis sims, it’s the most well-rounded Mario Tennis game we’ve ever played.

If Mario Tennis Aces is the new standard, we can only hope to see Camelot take on more Mario sports projects in the future. 

Cover art for Nintendo Switch Sports, one of the upcoming tennis games on Switch

Nintendo Switch Sports – Switch

If our Nintendo Switch Sports review is anything to go by, you’re in for another treat in the follow-up to Wii Sports as it is definitely one of the best tennis games out there. Wii Sports’ tennis gameplay was divisive, but famous nonetheless, and always a heck of a lot of chaotic fun.

If you like immersion, there’s little more immersive than motion control tennis, though we can’t be liable for any furniture you might break hurling yourself around the living room. There’s badminton too, for anyone who prefers their tennis with a shuttlecock. 

Tennis Clash key art, one of the popular online tennis games

Tennis Clash – mobile

Part of the popular Clash series that covers nearly all the sports under the sun, Tennis Clash is another stellar arcade sports sim that leaves out the dreary bits. It’s the ideal game for a quick set on the go, but there are still enough game modes and challenges for you to pour as much time as you want into perfecting your service game.

It’s also the only title on this list to take part in an official collaboration with Gucci, so make of that what you will. Fancy.

Cover art for Tennis World Tour 2, one of the more realistic tennis games

Tennis World Tour 2 – Switch

If you’re looking for realism, Tennis World Tour 2 is the premier tennis game on Switch, with a bunch of recognizable faces from the sport. Including competitions such as the US Open, the Davis Cup, and the iconic Wimbledon, you can create your own character, or take your favorite player, to the top of the world rankings while picking up some serious silverware.

As well as all this, there’s an active Tennis World Tour 2 online mode, so you can challenge your skills against other players when you outgrow the AI. 

Cover for Stick Tennis, one of the most popular mobile tennis games

Stick Tennis – mobile

Titles from the Stick Sports series are regular on our sports-related lists, just check out the best cricket games if you don’t believe me, and Stick Tennis is no different. The arcade-inspired controls are approachable, while the surprising depth of gameplay mechanics means you can feel yourself improve as you take on AI or online opponents.

That AI just happens to include some greats from the history of the sport too, so keep your eyes peeled for John McEnroe, though you’ll probably hear him first. 

Dino Galaxy Tennis key art, one of the wackier tennis games on Switch

Dino Galaxy Tennis – Switch

Forget everything you think you know about tennis. Forget about dinosaurs, and space too while you’re at it, as in Dino Galaxy Tennis, the three come together to form something truly unique.

While it’s not the most polished package on our list, it’s potentially the most inspired, with a 2D tennis mechanic that sees you blast the ball between planets with little regard for gravity. If you need a break from the high intensity of tournament competition, we recommend Dino Galaxy for a galactic getaway. 

Key art for Super Tennis Blast , one of the Switch arcade tennis games

Super Tennis Blast – Switch

For no-frills tennis you can pick up with pals, Super Tennis Blast is the standout on our list. There’s little to no learning curve, a bunch of original characters so you don’t get hung up desperately searching for Federer on the player selection screen, and a four-player doubles mode perfect for testing out your friend’s slices and serves.

Like Mario Tennis Aces, there’s a Super Blast mode that transforms the classic sport into a frantic free-for-all on either side of the net. 

There you have it, our picks for the best tennis games on Switch and mobile. If you’re a fan of all the sports that originate out of little old England, be sure to take a look at our picks for the best basketball gamesbaseball gamesgolf gamesfootball games, or soccer if you must, on Switch and mobile.