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Cozy MMO Galactic Getaway by Nookazon creator gets a Kickstarter

If you wanted a more multiplayer-focused Animal Crossing, then Galactic Getaway is for you - a cute MMO made by the creator of Nookazon.

Galactic Getaway kickstarter: a look at five characters standing on a beach, waving to the camera

If you have an Animal Crossing shape hole in your heart, then let me introduce Daniel Luu of Akrew, maker of Animal Crossing’s own lively online marketplace, Nookazon. He’s working on a new cozy MMO by the name of Galactic Getaway, focused on decorating and exploring in co-op.

The Kickstarter campaign for Galactic Getaway launches on January 30, 2024. We expect to get a lot more information once the page goes live. The only platform confirmed so far is Steam, but the Kickstarter announcement art has a symbol for the Nintendo Switch, showing that it should be coming to the handheld in the future. We always need more Switch multiplayer games, after all.

Since the ridiculous popularity of Nookazon died down somewhat, the Akrew team has spent the last two years forming the basis of Galactic Getaway. The developer describes it as a mix between Animal Crossing and Mario Party, as the team shows sneak peeks on Twitter. You can expect to farm, fish, find loveable pets, and build to your heart’s content while playing multiplayer minigames, and hanging out with your friends on an undiscovered planet.

The art style of Galactic Getaway is suitably quaint, with familiar big-headed human characters for you to customize, and a simple but pretty aesthetic throughout the world. There are some animal-shaped characters in there, too.

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As for what inspired this cute co-op game, Luu says in the announcement, “When I first started playing Animal Crossing I was hoping it’d be something I could enjoy with my friends online. Turns out you can’t decorate together, there are no co-op minigames, and you have to slowly watch as people try to leave your island.” So, he set about making that happen in his own game.

I, for one, am excited about a new adventure akin to New Horizons, so I will be following the journey. For some other fun things to play in the meantime, here are the best games like Animal Crossing out there.