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The best games like PUBG on Switch and mobile

If you’re looking for more battle royale shooters, we’ve got a list of the best games like PUBG available on Switch, Android, and iOS

Three games like PUBG split by diagonal yellow lines

PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more popularly known as PUBG, is an epic battle royale shooter that’s widely considered to be the defining game of the battle royale genre. It’s the classic setup that we’ve all come to know and love; PVP, to the death, last man standing wins. In PUBG, 100 of you drop onto a large-scale island and fight for survival. Whether you’re going solo, teaming up with a partner in duo mode, or in a squad, you match up online and thrash it out.

With such an exciting genre that has soared to success over recent years, it’s no surprise that there’s high demand for battle royale games. Luckily, there are plenty of options for anyone looking for a game like PUBG to play, but that offers something a bit different.

While PUBG Mobile brought the popular game to Android and iOS in 2018, it’s yet to find its way to Nintendo Switch. So, if you’re looking for alternatives on the Nintendo Switch, or even on mobile, we’ve got you sorted. And, if you’re in the market for some freebies (who isn’t?), we’ve got the latest PUBG Mobile redeem codes, as well as some of the best PUBG Mobile wallpapers.

Now, let’s get into our list of the best games like PUBG on Switch and mobile.

Games like PUBG

Lots of trees and buildings in Fortnite

Fortnite – Switch & mobile

Let’s not pretend that we’re going to talk about battle royale shooters and not mention that a great alternative is Fortnite. From developer Epic Games, the first mode was ‘Save the World’ and then came the free-to-play Battle Royale and that’s where it gets interesting.

Fortnite throws colour, vibrancy, cartoon aesthetics, and fun into the battle royale mode, offering players lots of options when it comes to character selection, fort building, and lots of quirky items to play around with too, while also focusing on the main goal of being the last one standing. It helps that both PUBG and Fortnite are incredibly popular, so you’ll easily find a game to jump into with 99 other players.

A sniper aiming over some buildings on the seafront

Sniper Elite 4 – Switch & mobile

We’re not talking battle royale here, but if you enjoy PUBG for the tactical shooting and stealth elements, then Sniper Elite 4 is a great option on Android and iOS. In PUBG, you’ve got to be stealthy to survive, and who’s stealthier than a sniper on a mission?

In Sniper Elite 4, you’re thrown into World War 2 to take down enemies in a vast expanse of different landscapes. If you want to try out your sharpshooting with friends, there’s an online multiplayer option for up to 12 players, you can also play the main campaign with a friend, or co-op mode with up to four players. The options are plenty.

A person playing Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you fancy a change of pace, Call of Duty: Mobile offers a supreme shooter alternative and it has a battle royale mode that can be enjoyed. It’s more action-packed than the slower pace of PUBG, which isn’t surprising considering we’re talking about a Call of Duty game.

It’s free-to-play and it has a bunch of similarities to PUBG in terms of dropping onto an island with nothing, gathering weapons, battling it out, and trying to avoid or hunt down players depending on how aggressively you like to play.

Someone shooting someone across a bridge

Apex Legends – Switch

Apex Legends is another battle royale game that has seen great success from the genre’s popularity over recent years. There’s a lot more focus on your character, the Legend you choose to play with, as they possess unique abilities and the opportunity to level up and expand.

The same goes for the weapons in Apex Legends. PUBG’s got big maps, Apex Legends has small ones, so if you’re looking for a more focused shooter with a faster pace, this battle royale game is for you.

A group of Garena characters in spacesuits

Garena Free Fire – mobile

Garena Free Fire, popularly known as Free Fire or FF, is the biggest mobile-exclusive battle royale game out there. It’s adapted the format to suit a smaller platform with ten-minute games, 49 other players, and the developer is dedicated to updating the game making it a great alternative to PUBG.

Ten-minute games mean you can drop in for a quick game or two when on the go without fear of running out of time. It also boasted over 150 million active daily users in 2021, so you know there’ll be plenty of other players to take on in the game. It can be tempting to look for help in competitive titles, but here’s why we don’t recommend Garena Free Fire hacks.

A character in a samurai hat fighting another player

MilkChoco – Switch & mobile

Next up, are the battlefields of MilkChoco from South Korean developer, GameParadiso. It’s a 5v5 team shooter with a bunch of different game modes, including, of course, battle royale. But you’ve also got assault, deathmatch, and escort among others to try out too, if you fancy changing it up from battle royale.

In MilkChoco, you level up your chosen hero, earning yourself a ranking as well as unlocking skills and weapons as you put more and more time into the game. In terms of aesthetics, it’s a completely different style to PUBG with cartoony characters and bright, vibrant visuals, but it all comes down to surviving the epic battles and it’s available on both Switch and mobile.

An Overwatch fight shrouded in purple light

Overwatch – Switch

If an ultimate shooter game is what you love about PUBG, then look no further than Overwatch for a game that offers a futuristic team-based shooting experience. It’s shooting that we’ll focus on here as Overwatch isn’t a battle royale game but a team-based FPS.

In 6v6 battles, you pick a hero from a large roster of choices, each with their own unique set of abilities. You can chop and change depending on what others are playing as on your team and your goal is to take control of a specific objective.

And that’s it for our list of games like PUBG on Switch and mobile. If none of these takes your fancy, we also have a list of the best Final Fantasy games and best Resident Evils games on Switch and mobile.