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Garena Free Fire new update: Clash Squad season 1 kicks off on June 4

All of 2020's Garena Free Fire updates in chronological order

May 28, 2020 Team Garena has announced that Clash Squad season one will kick off on June 4, with a bunch of improvements coming on the back of feedback from the pre-season. There’s also a heck of a lot more.

What’s the latest Garena Free Fire new update, we hear you cry? Well, that’s what this guide aims to answer. Given that the battle royale shooter has a near-monthly update cycle, each of them tends to be fairly big and full of exciting features. It’s only natural that you get excited for the next Garena Free Fire new update.

So what we’re going to do in this guide is round up all of the latest Garena Free Fire updates into a nice big list. We plan to update this as often as we learn more about what team Garena is up to, so it’s worth bookmarking this and checking back often if you’re excited about what’s coming next.

We’ll organise it chronological order of the most recent Garena Free Fire new updates, so you don’t need to scroll down too far to find the bit that’s most interesting to you. Because we’re just nice like that. You can also use the following links to jump quickly to the section you’re most interested in too.

Here are all of the Garena Free Fire new update details:

May 27: clash squad ranked season one kicks off on june 4

Team Garena has announced that the first season of Clash Squad will kick off on June 4, with a wealth of changes thanks to feedback from the pre-season.

The update also provides a new character and pet, a whole bevvy of balance changes, and more. We’re only going to include the most exciting new features here though, so if you want a full breakdown, check out the full patch notes. Let’s dig into it:

Anti-hack measures

Team Garena revealed details for further anti-hack measures, including a new system that tracks whether players are using third-party software to give them an advantage.

Clash Squad season one

Clash Squad will get its first ranked season on June 4, with a bunch of improvements to the structure thanks to feedback from the pre-season. Here are the changes in full:

  • Kalahari is coming to the matchmaking pool
  • There are new leaderboards for kills and win-rate
  • You can check your career performance for Clash Squad in your profile
  • If you leave in the middle of a match too often, you are temporarily banned from playing ranked matches in Clash Squad
  • Bots will now take over for disconnected or AFK teammates
  • Those who reach Gold III rank will receive a Golden Eagle reward

Clash Squad season one will begin on June 4 and end on July 29.

New character – Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh is a brand new character available in Garena Free Fire, and arrives with the Limelight skill, which increases damage to enemy limbs at the cost of decreased damage of headshots.

New pet – Falco

Falco is a brand new pet that increases gliding speed while skydiving and parachuting for yourself and the whole team.

Bomb Squad changes

Bomb Squad now features a store, much like Clash Squad, rather than preset weapons, and the objectives have been made much clearer.

Training Grounds changes

The shooting range and the practice zone are now separated, vehicles have been added, and gloo walls and M82B have been added to the armoury.

Miscellaneous changes and features

  • Hitmarkers

Team Garena has increased the size and changed the colour of hitmarkers to help make it easier to spot when your shot connects. You can turn the new hitmarkers on in your settings menu.

  • Active skill exchange

You can now equip other character’s active skills.

  • Purgatory – Classic

Purgatory – Classic has returned, per player request.

  • Info box

The info box will now share the safe zone’s location with teammates automatically.

  • Attachment changes

The VSS bleeding attachment now provides eight bleeding damage, up from seven, while the Kar98k now takes 30% longer to unscope after a shot, to prevent players quick-swapping between two Kar98ks.

  • Inhaler

You can now use the Inhaler at any EP/HP.

  • Skill activation indicators

Passive skill icons now light up when the skill activates.

April 3: ranked clash squad, store updates, and new characters, weapons, and vehicles

The latest Garena Free Fire update features a ranked mode for the popular Clash Squad mode, alongside store updates, and brand new content. Here’s the full list:

Clash Squad – ranked mode

The relatively new Clash Squad mode is getting a ranked format, which introduces a ladder for you to climb if you feel like you’re good enough. Casual mode will still remain though, for those that just like to play for fun.

The ranked mode will kick off on April 9, with a pre-season. Mark your calendars.

Store updates

The following new items are now available in the store, and are exclusive to Clash Squad casual and ranked:

  • Smoke grenade: this brand new item is available in Clash Squad only, and you can only carry one at a time in battle
  • The UMP has been replaced with the M60
  • The CG-15 has been replaced with the Thompson
  • The flash grenade has been replaced with the smoke grenade
  • The Kar98k now features a biometric scope
  • The XM8 and M1014 now have increased prices

New character – Kapella

Kapella is a brand new character available in the Free Fire store. She’s the lead singer of a K-pop band who specialises in healing thanks to her Healing Song ability. Here’s how it works:

  • Healing Song: Increase the effects of healing items by 10-20% and reduce ally’s HP loss when downed by 20-30%.

New vehicle – motorbike

A brand new vehicle, the motorbike, is now available across all modes and maps thanks to popular demand. The motorbike supports to players at once.

New weapon: Thompson

The Thompson is a brand new weapon available in Garena Free Fire’s Classic mode. It’s an SMG with a huge magazine that’s most effective at close-to-mid range.

Weapon balancing: MP5, UMP, and MX1887

Team Garena has made the following changes to the MP5, UMP, and M1887:

  • MP5: +25% rate of fire, +7% accuracy, +20% movement speed while shooting, +13% effective range, removed grip attachment slot, and increased the precise shots from first three to first six
  • UMP: +1 damage, +5 minimum damage, +25% armour penetration, -25% recoil, +15% movement speed, and -5% range
  • M1887: +6% armour penetration, +4% rate of fire, -30% reload speed, and -1 minimum damage

New pet – Ottero

Ottero is an adorable new pet that improves your ability to recover your teammate’s EP thanks to the following skill:

  • Double Blubber: when using a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver also recovers 30-65% of recovered HP as EP

New feature – airship

We don’t actually know that much about this feature, other than that an airship is going to fly over the Bermuda during the current Wonderland event, and will serve up some kind of surprise in Classic and Rank mode on April 18.


The following changes have also been introduced (the following are direct quotes from the official patch notes):

  • Players can no longer hide on top of foliages
  • Parachuting will now display backpack skin
  • Added a setting to reduce the auto-pickup delay
  • Added Camo box (camouflage) in Kalahari
  • Players will no longer cancel picking up mushrooms by double-clicking the consume button
  • Using active skill while scoping will no longer unscope the weapon
  • Optimize the special effects for treasure maps
  • Players can now see if they’re in a ranked or casual match
  • TDM and Clash Squad match results and end-screen optimization
  • Added a gallery for Elite Passes
  • Elite Pass main page UI optimization
  • Daily login reward button has been reduced in size
  • Added additional missions for Elite Pass and Weekly Challenges
  • Game centre log in is now supported
  • Added Kalahari into the survivor manual
  • Players can now quick-equip a character’s exclusive item upon unlocking
  • Players can now purchase character fragments in the character selection menu

February 25: Kalahari and training grounds maps, Team deathmatch changes, new character, and more

The highlight of the February update includes two new maps: Kalahari and Training Grounds, some adjustments to Team Deathmatch, and a wealth of new content, including a new character. Here’s the full list of changes and additions:

New maps

There are two new maps: Kalahari and Training Grounds. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from each of them:

  • Kalahari: Kalahari will be available from February 28, and features a totally new style of environment: a desert wasteland
  • Training Grounds: as the name suggests, this is a space where you can practice, hang out with friends, and try out the various different weapons

Team Deathmatch adjustments

Team Deathmatch only arrived in the previous update, but team Garena is already switching things up to improve the mode. Here are the changes in full:

  • Item presets now always provide armour and helmets
  • New weapons are available in the selection pool
  • Airdrops now spawn in each match
  • There are new respawn points

New character: Steffie

Steffie is a graffiti artist who’s a bit of a team player. Her special ability allows her to boost defensive stats in a small area:

  • Painted Refuge: your graffiti reduces explosive damage by 15-25% and bullet damage by 5% for 5-10 seconds. 45 second cooldown

New healing item: Inhaler

The inhaler is a brand new healing item that allows you to move while increasing your health. However, it doesn’t quite increase as much health as a medkit.

  • Restores 25 HP and EP up to a maximum of 150
  • You can use it while moving

New attachments

There are two new attachments for specific weapons that are available right now in Classic Mode:

  • AWM – Armour-Piercer: deal 300% extra damage to defensive gear
  • Plasma – Thermal Boost: increases the time it takes to overheat and reduces the cooldown by 33%

Balancing adjustments

Balancing is an ongoing conundrum in any competitive game. Here’s how team Garena is trying to make the experience fairer:

  • Electric Surfboard: reduced the surfing speed to 4.65 and sprint speed to 3.25. Speed while boosting is now 12 and you can boost for three seconds
  • AN94: damage ratio has been reduced to 36, rate of fire has increased to 11%, minimum range has been increased, recoil recovery is increased by 100%, and the muzzle attachment slot has been removed
  • XM8: damage ratio has been increased to 33, rate of fire has increased by 18%, magazine capacity has been reduced to 25, range has been decreased by five, accuracy has decreased by 5%, movement speed while aiming has increased by 15%, and shooting while moving no longer reduces accuracy


There are a bunch more changes too, including the following:

  • Double magazine, ice gun, Kar98k, VSS, and M14 will now all appear in Rank Mode
  • The friends list now has a new UI, optimised suggested friends, and you can now block requests
  • You can now access the party screen via an ‘invite’ button in the lobby
  • You can now send requests to join a party, join via an invitation code, remove teammates, and see recently played with in the party menu
  • Players can now interchange pet skills with other skills they already have
  • Sprint will no longer be interrupted by active skills
  • Players can now mute selected teammates in voice chat
  • Icon of the fire button will change based on the weapons used
  • Optimised vehicle HP display
  • Added an option to swap weapons automatically when running out of ammo
  • Added tips to use the health pack when HP is low
  • Added a setting that allows the minimap to be scaled automatically
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