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Ascend to a higher plane with engaging side-scroller RPG Goddess Order

The new Goddess Order teaser site gives us a look at what we can expect from the mobile RPGs through character profiles and a video.

Goddess Order guide: New art of a party of characters sat in a purple enchanted pixel art forest

While there isn’t a Goddess Order release date yet, the new teaser site offers a good look at what we can expect from the game, courtesy of the prologue video and character profiles for the three main characters. This side-scrolling RPG comes to you from Kakao Games and PixelTribe, with the team behind it being responsible for Crusaders Quest, another mobile RPG that boasts more than 25 million players.

Like many of the best mobile RPGs, Goddess Order features multiple characters for you to choose from for the journey ahead. The characters we know about so far are Lisbeth, Violet, and Jan. The former uses a rapier, so it feels safe to assume that she strikes with precision and speed, while Violet uses a sniper rifle, allowing her to cause damage at a distance. Finally, Jan wields a giant mace, making him the heavy hitter of the current characters.

As you progress on your journey, you get to collect new heroes to help you out on your quest to save the future. Doing so, naturally, involves combat, so out of the three characters you use, you must pick between them strategically to have the best chance at beating any monsters you come across. Goddess Order works on a tagging out system for your heroes, so not all of them are on the battlefield at the same time.

You might notice that we said ‘to save the future.’ Well, that’s because in Goddess Order, the titular Goddess sends all remaining hope back to the past, as the world faces its doom. Sounds like a lot of effort. We can only hope that it all pays off for everyone involved. Luckily for you, regardless of what happens, you get to explore a lovely pixelated fairy-tale world, though many nasty beasts call this land home.

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Goddess Order does feature a progression system, so we imagine that means there are plenty of rewards, loot, and equipment to get your hands on, and every little helps in a world like this, especially when you dive into some dungeons.

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