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Shoot ‘em up in the Golden Bros early access

The Golden Bros early access is here and it promises to be a great shoot 'em up, however, it’s only available for four weeks so don’t hesitate to dive in

Golden Bros early access

If you like casual shooters, details on the Golden Bros early access are bound to excite you, and fortunately, you don’t have to wait, as the game has hit mobile devices. However, if you want to take part, make sure you don’t hesitate, as early access is only available for four weeks.

Of course, there are some incentives to take part in the Golden Bros early access, besides the obvious – kick butt, take names, and assert your dominance – as you can get early access exclusive points if you equip costumes that you acquire during pre-sales, which in turn gives you unlimited durability, you can enjoy as many battles as you like. Furthermore, if you take part, and reach a certain league, you can get Jennifer’s classic grade costume.

The aforementioned pre-sales are now live, and they allow you to grab a range of goodies that can help you when the Golden Bros release date arrives. For example, the available mystery boxes contain limited edition costumes and cards – so you can look fabulous while you stack the deck against your opponent.

When does the Golden Bros early access begin?

Golden Bros early access kicks off on April 28, and runs for four weeks. To stay up to date with news, and gets access to pre-sale goodies, head to the official Golden Bros website.

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