Guardian Tales update – v1.8.1 patch notes

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That’s not all. We love Guardian Tales here at Pocket Tactics, and have put together a Guardian Tales tier list, which will help you put together the best team. It also includes a section on how to start over, in case you didn’t get your dream team during your initial roll. We’ve also put together a more general Guardian Tales guide, which you can check out if you’re just getting started. Now, onto the latest Guardian Tales update.

Here is the latest Guardian Tales update:

Guardian Tales update – v1.8.1 patch notes

The first big Guardian Tales update since launch introduces a bunch of exciting new features.

Let’s take a look at them:

New features:

  • New hero: Dragon Avatar Vishuvac (three star)
  • New equipment: Volcanic Horn (Vishuvac)
  • Heavenhold Tower: now reaches level 43

New events:

  • Free Daily Summons Discount: will provide 50 free summons for five days, starting August 26
  • Pickup event: between August 11 – September 8, Dragon Avatar Vishuvac, Movie Star Eugene, Volcanic Horn, and Brave Heart are featured
  • Dead Man’s Ship: season eight of Guild Raid takes place between August 27 – September 9
  • Once Upon a Time in Burywood: takes place between September 1 and September 8, though you can redeem rewards up until September 15. Participate in six new story stages, four sub stages, and six event stages to collect event points and redeem them for rewards
  • Rachel’s Treasure Hunt: takes place between August 11 – September 3 and challenges you to uncover two coordinates on the official Facebook page for coupon codes

Guardian Pass season 3:

  • Takes place between August 25 – September 21
  • Provides Vampire Girl Karina’s exclusive weapon, Crescent Moon
  • You’ll now get ten Legendary Awakening Stones at Gold Pass level 20, up from three

New costumes:

  • Futuristic Rider Eugene
  • Strange Doctor Lavi
  • Dark Flame Dragon Vishuvac
  • Rockstar Idol Eva
  • NEET Aoba
  • Otaku Gremory
  • Magic Student Tinia
  • Genius Magician Dolf

New store items:

  • Unique Hero Growth Package (Dragon Avatar Vishuvac)

Rift Dungeons:

  • You now receive up to 16% more gold and experience depending on monster level in all Rift Dungeons
  • Experience Dungeon, Gold Dungeon, and Item Dungeon rewards have increased by 20%, 22%, and 16% respectively

New item collection rewards:

  • Start of a Journey
  • Never Even Been Struck By Marty
  • How to Survive Magic School with Science
  • Lock Him Up? Over My Dead Body
  • Maniac
  • Bastard Magic Academy

That about sums up the headline features for this Guardian Tales update. If you’d like to check out the full patch notes, head on over to the official Guardian Tales website.

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