The Gwent Chronicles update adds 24 new cards to the mobile game

Gwent Chronicles is the latest update for the card-based mobile game, and it introduces 24 new cards and a range of seasonal game modes

Gwent Chronicles - Ciri staring forward with an intense look on her face

It’s update time in CD Projekt Red’s Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, as the Chronicles update introduces 24 new cards to the mobile game, just in time for the new season to begin. Naturally, you can expect to enjoy a range of seasonal modes that offer something a little bit different.

Thanks to the Gwent Chronicles update, you can get 12 new gold cards, as well as 12 bronze ones of various types, though they do include some knights of Toussaint, founding members of Clan Brokvar, and those that hail from Tir na Lia, the land in which the Wild Hunt descends from.

As for the seasonal modes, this time around, you can enjoy trial by fire, which replaces your deck with one from the same faction – this could go either way. You can also play double down because sometimes if you’re unsure, the best thing you can do is double down. Other modes include power shift and battle rush.

Remember, these game modes are about patience, so play the game wisely, and victory shall be yours.

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When is the Gwent Chronicles update?

The Gwent Chronicles update is live, and the new season runs until November 8.

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