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Hades 2 release date speculation, trailers, and early access updates

We’re still waiting on an official Hades 2 release date, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting seriously excited about another trip to the underworld.

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If you’re one of the many who can’t wait for the Hades 2 release date, join the club. This follow-up to Supergiant Games’ critically acclaimed roguelike jaunt through the underworld is one of our most anticipated games here at Pocket Tactics, and we’re always looking out for any official updates as to when we can look forward to more chaotic combat, dazzling demigods, and maybe even a catch-up with our old pal Charon.

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When is the Hades 2 release date?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official Hades 2 release date just yet. We also don’t know if we can expect it to arrive on Steam and Switch simultaneously, but we’re holding out hope as that was the case with the original. Mobile Hades fans might have a little longer to wait, though, as it took Supergiant Games almost four years to bring the game to iOS after its initial release. Sadly, Android owners are still waiting.

In terms of speculation, we’re really not too sure when the Hades 2 release date might roll around, but we think it could be before the end of 2024. The game already sounds pretty polished from what we’ve heard from those fortunate enough to be taking part in the technical test, and given that the first trailer arrived in late 2022, we’d hope to see it arrive on PC and Switch before the second anniversary of the trailer release arrives with this year’s edition of The Game Awards.

Is there a Hades 2 trailer?

Yes, there is a Hades 2 trailer! The first trailer is cinematic, so there isn’t any gameplay action, but you can check it out below. If there’s one thing the trailer makes clear, we’re getting a new protagonist, and while I already miss Zagreus, that’s pretty exciting.

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If you want to whet your gameplay whistle, the clip below shows some in-game footage from the Hades 2 technical test. Of course, now early access is available, there’s plenty of user-generated content on YouTube and Twitch, but the video below has some interesting developer commentary.

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Is Hades 2 in early access?

As of May 2024, Hades 2 is now available via Steam early access! It’s not the complete game, but there’s enough there to get on with until the next update rolls around later this year. It’s also Steam Deck verified, with many users agreeing that the Valve console is the best way to play Supergiant’s smash hit successor.

You can pick up the early access version for $29.99, and you won’t have to pay any more in the future if the price rises with the full release.

There you have it, all of our Hades 2 release date speculation with a couple of trailers and gameplay clips for good measure. While you’re here, be sure to find out the latest on another much-anticipated title with our Deltarune chapter 3 guide.