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Book your stay at Hamster Inn, an adorable and cozy mobile game

Wholesome-centric publisher Hyperbeard introduces Hamster Inn, a cute hotel-management game coming to mobile.

Hamster Inn: a bunch of adorable hamsters in a bedroom

Do you like hamsters? Silly question, of course you do – everyone does. Hyperbeard is releasing a new game, Hamster Inn, where you’re in charge of an animal-filled hotel, and doesn’t that just sound delightful?

Releasing worldwide in April, you can pre-register on Google Play and the App Store now – though some regions have a beta version available (not the UK, though – boo). We’ll update right here when we have concrete information. In the meantime, here are some more adorable animal games to try.

In Hamster Inn, you manage a tiny weeny hotel, embodying a hamster. You get to greet many animals including red pandas, dogs, pigs, and more as they wander through your doors seeking a stay at the Inn.

You can decorate your hotel how you please, with plenty of upgrades and rooms to tinker with. Make sure to provide ample comfort for your guests so that your reputation stays intact – and invite more guests like traveling musicians and the adorable Mama Duck. Don’t forget to employ some staff to help you, too, as you can’t do all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, and managing yourself! You are just one lil guy, after all.

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Hyperbeard recently had a rebrand, upgrading the developer’s logo and social media. You’ve definitely seen its wholesome games around – Pocket Love, My Dear Farm, Tsuki’s Odyssey, and Clawbert – a really cute claw machine game that I’ve spent entirely too much time on. Hyperbeard is based in Mexico and is the largest developer and publisher in the country, with over 200 million downloads of its games. We’re excited to try Hamster Inn when it opens for business.

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