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Run a hotel for tiny, round animals in Hyperbeard’s Hamster Inn

Well-known wholesome game studio Hyperbeard checks us into its new title, Hamster Inn, where your hotelier career awaits.

Hamster Inn review - a round frog and a round hamster wearing human clothes

I am an absolute sucker for Hyperbeard’s mobile games. Pocket Love, My Dear Farm, and Clawbert – a literal claw machine simulator – are my top choices, but now Hamster Inn is scurrying up my list of favorites.

Hyperbeard’s latest foray into cute and easy games is out now, and I hopped right in. It’s a simple affair – you’re approached by a teeny tiny hamster, and now you’re in control of your own inn. Welcome to your new job!

Soon, visitors start piling in on little boats asking for rooms. Book them in, give them a snack, and wait for the tips to roll in. Each guest you serve and room you clean gets you seeds – that’s the currency in Hamster Inn’s world – which affords you tons of upgrades and adorable decor.

With these seeds, you can buy adorable furniture sets, unlock new rooms, and pick up some amenities like an exercise wheel to provide activities to your patrons. Also, hoard your gems as you can hire staff using them in the shop tab. They’re incredibly useful as you can get a kindly hamster to run the front desk and cleaners to help sweep after guests, among a few other key roles.

Hamster Inn review - a screenshot of a busy hotel with animals in each room

If you’re not a huge fan of rodents, then don’t worry, there are plenty of different sorts of animals to welcome into your hotel. Flamingos, frogs, red pandas, dogs – you name it, there’s probably a small, round version queuing at your front desk. There’s even a tiny orange gecko which is my favorite, I think. They all have names and a preferred meal, too, so make sure you unlock them all to get every variety of guest through your door.

It’s not all room service and cleaning up, though. There’s a café and a fishing spot outside where guests can find reprieve, and earn you some more cash, of course. But, wait, what’s this? There’s a thief approaching? Good heavens, better get rid of it by furiously tapping on it or else it’ll steal your stuff. Yes, even in Hamster Inn there are ne’er-do-wells waiting to break into your hotel.

As Hamster Inn is a new release, I feel that we may get some future additions to the game, like the recently added fishing pond. Perhaps a communal gym, a store, or other rodent-run amenities for our guests to try.

Hamster Inn review - a screen showing a small gecko character

I really enjoy low-effort games – not in the creation sense, in the playing sense – as I can hop in and out of them as I please. Hamster Inn is one of these games. As the game progresses, it becomes more of an idle title, but to begin with, you gotta be tapping that promote button and cleaning up all of the rooms yourself. Either way, it’s a very nice little experience to open up on a coffee break.

I highly recommend a lot of Hyperbeard’s mobile games as they cover everything from idle games to farm games – there’s something for everyone.