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Enter the New Age of Warcraft with Hearthstone’s Twist game mode

Hearthstone Twist may sound like a cool new drink for the summer, but it’s actually the CCGs most recent game mode addition which enters beta very soon.

Hearthstone Twist: A close-up of the new game mode icon for Twist, showing a grey twister/tornado on a shield-shaped button

Are you ready for a remix? Following the recent Festival of Legends expansion, Blizzard has decided to mix things up in its digital CCG with the new Hearthstone Twist game mode. The Warcraft spin-off is fighting to keep its place among the best mobile card games by shaking up the stale Classic format with this twisted, themed mode.

Blizzard announced in a blog post that as of patch 26.6, Hearthstone Twist is replacing Classic mode, adding an additional ladder mode for you to grind throughout the season. Twist formats feature a curated card pool and special rules to get you playing with old cards through a new lens. The first ‘beta season’ runs from June to July as a short testing season and then Blizzard is deactivating the mode for a short time to prepare for its full launch later this year.

The first Twist mode is called New Age and features a curated card pool that features the Core set and all expansions between Ashes of Outland and Festival of Legends. The special Twist rule for this iteration of the New Age is that you can’t use neutral cards, meaning your decks must only include class-specific cards. Blizzard has said that New Age may return in the future with the same rule, a different one, or no special rules at all, and as new sets are added to the game they will also add them to the New Age card pool.

To celebrate the Twist mode, Blizzard is hosting a Twist Preview Event on Twitch with Hearthstone content creators from around the world and Twitch drops to help you prepare for launch. The streams are taking place at various times throughout June 22 – 23, with full details on the Hearthstone website. Make sure your Twitch and Battle.net accounts are linked to claim your drops, as Blizzard is giving away nine free packs from a selection of the New Age expansions to help you build your collection in time for the beta.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Hearthstone Twist game mode. Make sure to check out our list of the best Hearthstone decks to prepare for the new format or our Hearthstone interview about the addition of the Death Knight class to the game.