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Punch your problems away with the Hellboy Web of Wyrd release date

The long-awaited Hellboy Web of Wyrd release date is finally here, along with a stunning new trailer to get you excited for this demon-filled delight.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd release date: Hellboy standing on a dark background pointing a gun in front of him

If you’re a fan of the best roguelike games and comic book anti-heroes, Hellboy Web of Wyrd is bound to be the game for you. Good Shepherd Entertainment’s devilishly good new trailer for the game has granted us the Hellboy Web of Wyrd release date, which has only gotten us more hyped.

The game is of course based on series creator Mike Mignola’s Hellboy graphic novels published by Dark Horse Comics, and features a brand-new unique story crafted in collaboration with Mignola himself. The father of Hellboy also designed the game’s key art, which means it’s probably the closest to an animated graphic novel from Mignola we’ll ever get.

The story follows Hellboy, voiced by Lance Reddick, as he travels into The Wyrd, a realm seemingly full of creatures and living statues that are hellbent on taking him down. Find your allies, uncover the mysteries of The Butterfly House, save your colleague, and hopefully make it out alive.

When is the Hellboy Web of Wyrd release date?

Hellboy Web of Wyrd releases on Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles on October 4, 2023. Just in time for Halloween!

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