Witches and wizards can’t wait to explore Hogwarts Legacy’s open world

Nintendo Switch players don’t known when they get to explore the school for witchcraft and wizardry, but many are keen to discover Hogwarts legacy’s open world

Sebastian Sallow performing a spell in the Hogwarts Legacy open world

As more and more information drops, witches and wizards worldwide struggle to contain their excitement about Hogwarts Legacy, and that’s especially true given acceptance letters are due to arrive on most doorstops in February next year. Unfortunately, there’s no Hogwarts Legacy release date for Nintendo Switch yet, so we aren’t part of those future students.

However, for those that get to enter the wizarding world on February 10, it appears as though the Hogwarts Legacy open world is what excites them the most, according to a recent Reddit poll, at least. To be honest, this result is hardly surprising. The landscape is enormous in this game, and the legendary castle itself begs you to explore its halls in search of hidden pathways.

Sure, people are still keen to unravel the story, but it pales in comparison to the idea of open world exploration in a place that’s bound to feature some remarkable creatures. However, there’s another reason Reddit user mostlyghost72 wants to explore, as they say, “I’m hoping the three unforgivables are not the only dark magic spells you can find. I’d love to be able to obtain dark magic curses and hexes from exploration of the more sinister dungeons.”

Thanks to the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts trailer, we know that the three unforgivable curses are present in this world, something we absolutely love, but it’s certainly interesting to consider that other morally corrupt spells could be present in the world.

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Is Hogwarts Legacy open world?

The short answer is yes! As an open-world RPG, you can expect there to be plenty of side quests and exploration opportunities in Hogwarts Legacy. Heck, you could probably spend hours looking around the castle alone, and the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms look especially appealing.

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