Fans debate whether Hogwarts Legacy romance options are appropriate

Are Hogwarts Legacy romance options appropriate? The Reddit community is certainly happy to weigh in with their thoughts on the potential love subplot

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Ah, young love. We’ve all been there. Your teenage years, especially 15 and 16, are the perfect time to discover yourself and perhaps enter the dating scene. However, some prospective witches and wizards can’t help but ask the question, are Hogwarts Legacy romance options appropriate? As with any topic of this nature, there are some mixed results.

It’s worth noting that you play as a fifth-year in Hogwarts Legacy, and your character is, therefore, around 15 or 16 years old. In real life, this is a normal age to discover relationships. And, as Reddit user Saiaxs points out in a thread, “dating is common at that age,” which means romance options in Hogwarts Legacy would be appropriate, in a manner of speaking at least.

You have to bear in mind that, as many in the thread point out, a romance subplot in a game surrounding teenagers is okay, so long as it’s kept to an appropriate level. A perfect example of how to use PG-rated relationships in-game is Persona. Should Hogwarts Legacy adopt a family-friendly approach, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

As Redditor CrazyFaceChico says, “going on a date or to [a] school dance would be a nice touch.”

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Are there any Hogwarts Legacy romance options?

For now, there’s no word on whether or not the game includes romance options. However, while we think they’d make for a nice touch, we doubt you’ll be able to achieve anything other than a platonic relationship in Hogwarts Legacy.

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