Hogwarts Legacy companions

The magical wizarding world is full of secrets and danger, but with these Hogwarts Legacy companions, you just might beat the odds and uncover the truth

Hogwarts Legacy companions - a bunch of students speaking to a teacher in a classroom

Hogwarts Legacy is set to open its doors in February 2023, and in the lead-up to you all receiving your acceptance letter to the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, Avalanche is keen to share more and more details about what you can expect from the game, including its characters. You’re not alone in this world, just like Harry has Ron and Hermione, you have some friends that have your back too, but who are they?

In this Hogwarts Legacy companions guide, we intend to tell you what you need to know about your fellow witches and wizards, from their names and personalities to which house they belong to. Naturally, there’s a variety of characters that you can befriend, but it’s these pals that have your back.

To learn even more about the game, we suggest you check out our Hogwarts Legacy release date guide, in which we divulge information about the game’s story, world, and what you can do – just don’t expect any Hogwarts Legacy quidditch, that popular past time isn’t on offer here.

Anywho, let’s bibbidi-bobbidi-boo onto the Hogwarts Legacy companions.

Hogwarts Legacy companions

Hogwarts Legacy companions - Sebastian casting a spell

Sebastian Sallow

House: Slytherin

Sebastian is one of your potential companions, and he’s part of the infamous Slytherin house (two members of the PT team very much look forward to joining this house). In terms of his personality, we know that he’s charming, extroverted, and confident in the face of danger. He’s also a caring individual, as evidenced by the love and concern he has for his sister, Anne.

However, his twin sister is sick, and Sebastian believes the secret and last hope of finding a cure lies within the dark arts – it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays a part in the story, especially since we know that the three unforgivable curses feature in-game.

Hogwarts Legacy companions - Natasi ready to run in a dark courtyard

Natasi Onai

House: Gryffindor

We Gryffin-adore Natasi, as they’re a fierce and loyal individual that loves adventure and a brave soul that heavily believes in justice. For now, we don’t know too much about them, but we’ll update this guide as soon as we do.

Hogwarts Legacy companions - Poppy looking at cute little birds

Poppy Sweeting

House: Hufflepuff

Poppy appears to live up to her surname as she looks like a sweetheart with a heart of gold as she holds a deep love for magical creatures, and her kind and pure heart matches that in equal fervour. As soon as we know more about her, we’ll update this guide.

There you have it, everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy companions. Make sure you check back here regularly, as we’ll update it as and when new details come to light. In the meantime, check out our best Harry Potter games guide.