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Hollow Knight wallpapers

Need Hollow Knight wallpapers? Have the best background in Hallownest and get a bug-tastic background with these amazing Hollow Knight wallpapers

the Knight and Hornet stand back-to-back in a moody, gorgeously illustrated drawing

If there’s one thing I know about Hollow Knight, it’s that people who love Hollow Knight… Well, they really love Hollow Knight. So with such a huge and rabid fanbase, there’s plenty of incredible artwork to enjoy, especially if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your desktop or smart device.

Every frame of Hollow Knight could be a piece of art, with its gorgeous settings filled with overgrown foliage, creepy caverns, and sprawling gothic architecture. If you think it’s just a game about bugs, well you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. So, why not set your background to one of these Hollow Knight wallpapers?

We’ve tried to include plenty of different pieces covering both Hollow Knight and its sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong, even though we don’t know much about it yet. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date very soon. But for now, remind yourself of the beauty of Hallownest every day with some amazing backgrounds and wallpapers.

Here is our selection of the best Hollow Knight backgrounds and wallpapers.

Hornet holds her needle against a red backdrop

Hornet looks cool as she swings her needle around, against a moody backdrop. Credit goes to artist Xanmoas

A pattern featuring The Knight from Hollow knight

A pattern based on the Grimm Troupe from Hollow Knight

A pattern based on Hornet from Hollow knight

A trio of fantastic phone wallpapers, with a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic and gorgeous colours. These will look amazing on any device, and the artist alchenart has even more versions of these great pieces on their Twitter account here.

A layered pink background is shwon alongside Hornet from Hollow Knight

This gorgeous stylistic piece comes from artist @RonDanChan on twitter, and uses some lovely colours, alongside fan favourite character Hornet.

A pattern featuring The Knight from Hollow Knight

The Knight looks extra cute in this art from @Mic_Morty and would look especially great as nice, bright phone wallpaper.

Hornet appears against a stark red background

Hornet looks especially scary in this stark background from found from Twitter user @Studio_DNS.

A detailed CG model of The Knight from Hollow Knight

The Knight looks almost realistic in this fantastic CG Blender artwork from Twitter user @nicky_blender.

A pattern featuring the Knight from Hollow Knight

A pattern featuring characters from Hollow Knight

This cute pair of backgrounds come from Twitter user @vHAi26UhYkmQb9k and use a cute pastel style to give some personality to the original characters.

The Knight sits on a bench overlooking the City of Tears

The Knight appears stood in front of a luminous moth-like character

These two backgrounds give off slightly calmer, and more reflective vibes. They come from Twitter user @LegoGuy9875 and will look fantastic on your desktop.

the Knight and Hornet stand back-to-back in a moody, gorgeously illustrated drawing

This beautifully illustrated piece from artist @Oddsbod shows The Knight and Hornet standing back to back, against a grim but incredibly detailed background. This is a work of art!

A scenic shot shows The Knight exploring Hallownest

The Knight sits and relaxes

The Knight looks lonely in a dark and moody area

We have Team Cherry themselves to thank for this last batch of gorgeous wallpapers, and if you follow the link to their original post, there are even more designs and sizes available.

A pixelated scene shows The Knight in the City Of Tears

For any Wallpaper Engine users out there, we’ve also found some great animated wallpapers. Twitter user @Bitter_Bits has created some fantastic designs here. Pixel artist @RunicPixels has also curated a page of fantastic pixelated Hollow Knight designs.

We hope that’s enough Hollow Knight wallpaper goodness for now, and if you’re still playing the amazing game, be sure to check out our Hollow Knight charms guide so you go into every boss fight with the right tools for the job.