Hotline Miami Jacket – character or clothing?

Hotline Miami’s Jacket is the main character in the first game, but he’s also nicknamed that after their distinctive jacket, so it’s a confusing term.

Hotline Miami Jacket art showing a man in a pig mask wearing a varsity jacket with a B on it holding an unconscious woman in a green tank top and underpants surrounded by men in white suits looking to use their many weapons on him.

Hotline Miami’s Jacket is the main character in the first game. He got his name thanks to the fact that he wears a jacket. Nice. But, what is there to know about him? Well, not so much, other than the events of the first game.

So, we’re hedging our bets – we’ll explore the character of Jacket a little bit, but also point you in the direction of a nice-looking jacket similar to the one that Jacket wears, so you can pick one up yourself. Once done, check out our favourite Pokémon figures, Sonic figures, and Mario figures for even more merchandise.

Who is Hotline Miami’s Jacket?

Jacket is the main, unnamed character in the first Hotline Miami game. He receives a message on the phone that leads him to put on different masks and commit murderous rampages all across town.

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He has had many different names given to him, but the one that stuck was Jacket – a name chosen thanks to his yellow-and-white-sleeved bomber jacket. The devs even started to use it after it became the fan favorite.

In general, Jacket’s time through the first game is full of cryptic story beats that lead to the ending, none worth retreading here. Let’s just say that finding the source of the strange phone messages is his goal, and it leads to a bloody conclusion.

Where can I get a Hotline Miami jacket?

If you want a jacket similar to Jacket’s in Hotline Miami, the best place to go is Insert Coin Clothing. Currently, the company expects to ship pre-orders of the jacket in June 2023. There are many other options across the internet, all varying in price, but none from outlets we can vouch for.

Anyway, hopefully we covered all the Hotline Miami Jacket bases we could. For more, why not learn how to play Snake or play Tic-Tac-Toe on Switch and mobile for some retro reminiscing?