How to get Monopoly Go stickers

Our guide to Monopoly Go stickers has all you need to know about the in-game collectibles and how to fill up your sticker albums as quickly as possible.

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If you’re looking for more Monopoly Go stickers, you’re in the right place. Our guide to these in-game collectibles can have you filling out sticker albums in no time, so you can show them off online and impress the Monopoly Man with a full collection. There are also rewards on the line for completing an album, so even if the designs don’t strike you, the free dice and cash up for grabs might.

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What are Monopoly Go stickers?

Monopoly Go stickers are one of the main collectibles in Scopely’s mobile version of the classic board game. You can earn stickers by participating in frequent in-game events and completing challenges. Unlike dice and cash, there isn’t a way to buy stickers, so if you want to complete some sticker albums, you need to take part in as many in-game activities as possible.

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Picking up Monopoly Go stickers is important as if you can finish a complete sticker album, there are some exciting rewards on the line. These rewards include both cash and dice, the most precious resources in this mobile title, plus game tokens to swap for traditional pieces such as the car and top hat. So, scroll down for all of our tips on picking some stickers up!

How do I earn Monopoly Go stickers?

You can earn Monopoly Go stickers in multiple ways, so check out the bullet points below to grab as many as you can. It’s worth noting that not all of these mechanics are available at the start of the game, such as quick wins and the color wheel, so you need to play through your first few boards before all the options are available.

  • Finishing top three in tournaments
  • Completing tasks and reaching milestones in in-game events
  • Free daily gifts in the shop
  • Quick win daily objectives
  • Spin the color wheel
  • Trade with friends

It’s worth pointing out that you can also trade in any duplicate stickers through the sticker album menu by selecting the option in the bottom right corner. However, this exchange process requires stars to facilitate, so it might be a better idea to swap stickers with friends whenever possible.

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