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Where to find all of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Korok Seeds locations

Every single location for the Age of Calamity Koroks for every mission, with maps!

One of the Koroks - little plant people with masks - in Age of Calamity. This one has a long green mask with black spots.

You may remember the Koroks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They’re tiny plant people that are hidden throughout the game. Due to its sheer scale, they’re a massive pain to find. In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, they’re back and just as elusive as ever.

Luckily, they seem to only appear in story missions, so you won’t need to go through too many different levels in the vain hope of finding them. That said, there are several hidden in each mission and they’re incredibly well concealed, thus only noticeable if you’re actively looking for them. This is easier said than done if we’re honest, since the structure of each mission means that you may miss them entirely.

Korok Seeds do have a use in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, mostly to upgrade one of the characters, so you’ll want as many as physically possible. In order to get as many Korok Seeds as possible, we thought we’d put together a list of Korok locations in each of the game’s missions to make seeking them out a breeze.

Here we’ll break down each mission’s Korok population and their locations. There will be a map for each level, circled with the rough locations and the details of each location below.

Age of Calamity Korok locations

The Battle of Hyrule Fields

All the Korok Seeds in The Battle of Hyrule Field

  • After taking out the first outpost, head north-west. Break the first box you see
  • After the cutscene where you first meet Impa, head back north towards the outpost. Just before you reach the gate, turn left and examine the yellow flower in the alcove to the west
  • In the middle of the map there’s a gate that links the main Hyrule field to the bottom section. You’ll find the Korok in this small base area
  • Heading to the village to the east, close to the outpost near the village, there should be a Korok along the bridge
  • In the village to the east, head for the big circular horse track. It should be obvious where this is if you look at the map. There’s a floating pumpkin. Shoot it down with Link’s arrows or other aerial attacks
  • Before crossing the western bridge to the Moblins, head north. Look for a protruding tree trunk that’s running along the wall
  • On the western the bridge leading to the three Moblins, interact with the small red pinwheel about halfway across the bridge

Road to the Ancient Lab

All the Korok Seed locations for The Road to the Ancient Lab

  • After defeating the outpost before meeting with Zelda and triggering the Guardian, look to the right of the path for a yellow flower
  • As soon as the guardian crashes through the wall, head into the area it crashed through. Interact with the log at the end
  • On the way to the first Moblin base, you’ll find a big arena with a bunch of Lizalfos. At the southern tip of the whole area, there is a small lip. Interact with the yellow flower
  • Take out the Outpost with the Lizalfos in the south. This opens the gate to the east. Head through and shoot down the flying fruit
  • After defeating the first Moblin base after the guardian appears, before triggering the Unearthed Guardian to the right, exit the arena and examine the books on the table to the left
  • When you defeat the north-west base, don’t activate the guardian just yet. Instead head right and inspect the glowing patch

Revali, the Rito Warrior

All of the Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok Seed locations circled

  • As the mission begins, dive into the small alcove to the right to find a flower
  • At the Hylian base camp, look for the log at the back of the base
  • To the very south-western point in the map, there is an empty camp with Lizalfos outside. Head for the glowing point in this camp
  • Towards the north-west, the path splits to the north and east. Head east and just before riding the wind vent upwards, find the pinwheel at the end of the corridor
  • Towards the north-west, the path splits to the north and east. Head north and just before riding the wind vent upwards, there is a small alcove heading south. Go up this ramp to find the Korok log in a stone circle
  • As you head towards the Rito village, you’ll use a wind vent to sail up to the top level and around it towards the east. Before jumping down to take on the Ice Moblin and Lizalfos, examine the pinwheel
  • Before entering Rito Village, head north and east into the alcove with Link. Use the Stasis skill on the flying fruit and shoot it with arrows to get the Korok
  • Before entering Rito Village, head north with Link until you reach a dead end. A boulder is by the eastern wall. Use bombs to break it open and find the Korok

Mipha, the Zora Princess

All of the Korok Seed locations in Mipha, the Zora Princess

  • Climb the staircase behind you as you begin the level and shoot down the flying plant
  • From the start of the level, head across the bridge to the east. It’s about halfway across. It’s gated off initially but will unlock as enemies appear towards the north
  • Heading towards the west of the map, look for the flower between the western-most Electric Wizrobe and the outpost to the east of it
  • Head towards the outpost at the most south-eastern point. It’s in a patch of grass in an area just to the east

Mipha’s Training

The Korok Seed location for Mipha's Training

  • When the path splits, head east. Rather than cross the bridge, continue on instead and you’ll find the Korok Seed

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

All nine of the Korok Seed locations in Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

  • From the beginning, head to the south-east. You’ll find some rocks. Use your bombs to break them open
  • Just south of the town, break the box you find here
  • Instead of heading into town, circle around it and head north. The seed is next to some pillars
  • Outside of Urbosa’s throne room, head upstairs to the palace balcony
  • As the gates open around the town, head for the northern-most point to find a windmill. The seed is inside
  • Look for the seed next to the northern-most gate of the town
  • From the gate leading north from the town, head north-west until you reach the wall. Check out the sparkling area here
  • Head east just before the big desert expanse to the north-west of the map. Form here, turn to the south and shoot down the flying fruit at the end
  • As you head to the north-east of the map, just before the gate to the boss, check out the windmill between the cannons

Daruk, the Goron Hero

All but one of the Korok Seeds in Daruk, the Goron Hero

  • At the beginning of the mission, head inside the friendly base and go around the back to find the Korok Seed
  • On the way to the mine at the south-east, you’ll find two friendly outposts. There is a log inbetween them towards the west (it’s the lip on the map
  • At the Outpost to the south-east, head right to the back
  • Slightly east of the central Outpost
  • After defeating the Stone Talus, the gate leading to the hot springs will open from the path north of it. To the west of the gate there’s a small lip with a pinwheel on it
  • By the hot springs as you climb up Death Mountain
  • Towards the end of the level, Daruk will create a bridge to the eastern point of the map. It’s just to the other side of this area

There is one more Korok Seed to be found in this mission. Stay tuned for updates!

The Yiga Clan Attacks!

All but one of the Korok Seeds in The Yiga Clan Attacks!

  • At the beginning of the battle, head south, past the friendly Outpost and find a glowing point in the front garden of the house
  • Find a flower at the south-eastern tip of the map
  • Between the two Outposts on the south-eastern point of the map, there is a stump next to some hay and outhouses. It’s east of the Outpost with a well in the middle of it
  • Towards the south-west, there’s a flower hidden amongst the buildings
  • Examine the windmill behind the houses towards the south-west
  • Head to the tip towards the north-east. There is a flower next to an overturned wagon
  • From the northern Outpost (not where the boss is), head south and into the graveyard to find a tree stump

There is one more Korok Seed to be found in this mission. Stay tuned for updates!

Cross the Hebra Mountains

The Korok Seed location for the side quest Cross the Hebra Mountains

  • Break one of the boxes in the base to the south-west to get the seed

Freeing Korok Forest

All the Korok Seed locations for Freeing the Korok Forest

  • From the beginning, turn around and break the box behind you
  • Turn right when you pass through the gates looking at the tent. There is a flower near the wall
  • Before entering the first tree trunk, look for a pinwheel at the northern wall
  • Before entering the second tree trunk, look at the gate to the north to find a pinwheel
  • Instead of heading north from the second tree trunk, head east. There is a lip heading to the south about two thirds in with a flower
  • At the end of the same path, head towards the closed gate to find a pinwheel
  • Head south from the closed gate above to find a flying fruit. Shoot it down for the Korok
  • When heading for the northern-most point on the map, approach from the eastern side. It’s just north of the Outpost. Make sure you do this before ridding the last of the Malice Swamp

Those are all the known locations for the Age of Calamity Korok Seeds. We hope these maps are helpful in finding the little plant people. If you’re in the market for other guides, we have a full list of Age of Calamity items, some Age of Calamity recipes to cook with, and Age of Calamity merchants for those looking for specific items from travelling vendors.

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