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How to cook every one of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity recipes

Learn how to unlock every recipe and which ingredients to cook with

Cooking screen before accepting a mission. The highlighted recipe is Steamed Mushrooms and requires two Hylian Shrooms and two Hyrule Herbs to make. It grants +10% movement speed.

Like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can use recipes and ingredients to cook delicious food in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Instead of just restoring health, each dish can give you a little boost for all characters before the start of battle. Some are small like the Steamed Meat you can unlock at the start of the game, but soon they’ll give you bonuses that could help dramatically towards the end of the game.

However, it’s not as easy as getting the recipe and leaving it at that. You’ll also need the relevant ingredients. Luckily we’ve already been preparing an Age of Calamity items guide with all of the locations for each one, so you can go on foraging expeditions for those essential foodstuffs.

Each of the Age of Calamity merchants also sell a selection of ingredients that you can use for your recipes, and some Age of Calamity quests give you ingredients as rewards. So grab an apron, wipe down that surface, sharpen those knives, and most importantly: thoroughly wash your hands. It’s time to get cooking a selection of tasty treats!

Cooking couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve obtained the recipe, either by completing a specific mission or quest, you have the option to select a single recipe to cook when in the preparation screen for any mission or challenge.

A quest to gather items. This unlocks a recipe at the end.

Provided you have the ingredients, just select the recipe you wish to cook, and apply your choice before starting a mission or challenge. When you begin, you get the effect listed for that item.


Now you know how to cook, here are all of the known recipes in Age of Calamity, and how to unlock them.

Item Recipe Effect How to unlock
Steamed Meat
  • Hyrule Herb x4
  • Raw Meat x4
Damage +5% Complete Hot Meals in a Pot
Copious Fried Wild Greens
  • Hyrule Herb x1
  • Swift Violet x1
  • Mighty Thistle x1
  • Armoranth x1
  • Blue Nightshade x1
 Perfect-Dodge Timing Window +5% Complete A Feast of Greens
 Steamed Mushrooms
  • Hylian Mushrooms x2
  • Hyrule Herb x2
Movement Speed +10% Complete Road to the Ancient Lab
Steamed Fish
  • Hyrule Herb x2
  • Hyrule Bass x2
Damage from Enemies -5% Complete Road to the Ancient Lab
Tabantha Bake
  • Hylian Shroom x4
  • Rushroom x4
  • Tabantha Wheat x2
Movement Speed +15% Complete Best-Ever Batter
Mabe Soufflé
  • Hyrule Herb x1
  • Bird Egg x1
  • Fresh Milk x1
  • Goat Butter x2
Experience +7% Complete A Birthday Treat
Chilly Fish Skewer
  • Chillfin Trout x4
Damage from Fire -50% Complete Superb Fish Dish
Noble Pursuit
  • Palm Fruit x3
  • Hydromelon x3
  • Voltfruit x3
  • Rock Salt x3
Damage +7% Complete Urbosa, The Gerudo Chief
Electro Mushroom Skewer
  • Zapshroom x4
Damage from Lightning -50% Complete Who’s Shocked by Lightning?
Herb Sauté
  • Warm Safflina x3
  • Goron Spice x3
Perfect-Dodge timing window +5% Complete Daruk, the Goron Hero
Zesty Meat Skewer
  • Spicy Pepper x2
  • Raw Meat x2
  • Raw Bird Drumstick x2
Damage from Ice -50% Complete Cooking for the Common Cold
Glazed Mushrooms
  • Stamella Shroom x2
  • Courser Bee Honey x1
Movement Speed +10% Complete The Yiga Clan Attacks
Vegetable Risotto
  • Fortified Pumpkin x2
  • Hylian Rice x2
  • Goat Butter x2
  • Rock Salt x2
Start the battle with +1 health Complete The Yiga Clan Attacks
Hard-Boiled Egg
  • Bird Egg x3
Experience +5% Complete Freeing Korok Forest
Honey Candy
  • Courser Bee Honey x2
Rupees +20% Complete The Road Home, Besieged
Mushroom Rice Balls
  • Silent Shroom x2
  • Hylian Rice x2
Sheikah Rune Damage +15% Complete Akkala Tower
Copious Mushroom Skewers
  • Endura Shroom x4
  • Stamella Shroom x4
  • Rushroom x4
  • Hearty Truffle x4
  • Big Hearty Truffle x4
Movement Speed +15% Complete Stumped by Shrooms
Creamy Meat Soup
  • Hearty Radish x1
  • Raw Prime Meat x1
  • Fresh Milk x1
  • Rock Salt x1
Special-Attack Charge Rate +7% Complete Destroy the Yiga Clan!
Veggie Rice Balls
  • Blue Nightshade x4
  • Hylian Rice x4
Sheikah Rune Damage +35% Complete Destroy the Yiga Clan!
Carrot Stew
  • Swift Carrot x4
  • Tabanthan Wheat x4
  • Fresh Milk x4
  • Goat Butter x4
Charge Special per Enemy KO Complete Destroy the Yiga Clan!
Egg Tart
  • Bird Egg x2
  • Tabantha Wheat x2
  • Cane Sugar x2
  • Goat Butter x2
Material Drop Rate +15% Complete When Courage Fails
Fish Pie
  • Tabantha Wheat x1
  • Goat Butter x1
  • Rock Salt x1
  • Armored Carp x1
Damage from enemies -5% Complete Just like Mama Made
Dubious Food
  • Hearty Durian x2
  • Rock Salt x2
  • Hot-Footed Frog x2
+100% Rupees, but -20% Max Health Complete Extreme Survival Cuisine

Those are all of the Age of Calamity recipes. We also have guides detailing how to unlock all of the Age of Calamity characters, as well as a location guide for all the Age of Calamity Korok Seeds in case you fancy finding all of the cheeky little plant scamps hidden throughout the realm of Hyrule.