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IFA 2023: Honor’s V Purse is a reverse-folding fashion statement

We’re live at IFA 2023 in Berlin, and Honor’s V Purse concept phone is currently the star of the show, bringing a new sort of folding phone.

An image of the Honor V Purse phone against a blue background

Folding phones, while new, have been the same for a little while now, but Honor looks like it could shake things up. At IFA 2023 in Berlin, the company announced the Honor V Purse, a phone that has its screen all around the outside of the case and unfolds to make a bigger screen. It’s definitely different from the other best foldable phones on the market at the moment.

While it may sound impractical, it’s only a concept phone, and Honor is advertising the device in a different sort of way. It’s all in on the fashion side of things, with the phone getting a handbag-style strap, various designs for the outside of the device, and even a catwalk fashion display on the show floor at IFA. It’s putting the device firmly in a different category from usual flagships.

Of course, it’s just a concept phone, but the design does raise some questions. Obviously, having your display all around the outside of the phone isn’t going to be good for hazard-prone fashionistas — that thing’s gonna crack — while the idea of having a fashionable wallpaper always on also sounds fun, that’s gonna murder battery life. And it doesn’t look like the device could fit a particularly big battery either.

Still, it’s good fun, and there’s no point in being a tech cynic about it. Just look at the video below and see for yourself.

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