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Illusion Connect tier list and how to perform an Illusion Connect reroll

We rank all the characters in our Illusion Connect tier list, and also explain how to perform a Illusion Connect reroll

Two Illusion Connect characters in a fight

Our Illusion Connect tier list will help save you a heck of a lot of time, and summons, when playing this excellent new gacha RPG. We’ve spent a bunch of time playing Illusion Connect, and dug deep into the stats, to bring you this definitive list that ranks all heroes against each other. Only the very best sit in the top tier.

We’re also going to walk you through the process of how to reroll in Illusion Connect, so you can quickly start over if you don’t get the hero you want. Just to clarify for those that are unsure, rerolling is the process of performing your initial batch of free summons over and over again until you get the hero, or heroes, you want from our Illusion Connect tier list.

If it’s more content you’re looking for, we’ve got an Illusion Connect codes list that will shower you with free goodies. You can also find similar titles in our list of the best gacha games, which grows all of the time as we uncover new gems, much like this one.

Now, let’s take a look at our Illusion Connect tier list.

Illusion Connect tier list

Tier Character
S Anna, Gemmy, Hachi Shiki, Hersey, Kasumi, Maki, Miyuki, Nicola, Phoebe, Rotania, Selena, Silver Dragon – Rie, Yuffie
A Agnis, Angela, Annis Dora, Ashwaya, Charlotte, Diana, Fenebeth, Gagaku, Ion, Jane, Kichou, Kiraya, Kong Xinyuan, Ming, Nefir, Nina, Sakai, Saya, Seeger, The Enforcers, Twin Flora, Vivian
B Abby, Ai, Amon, Annie, Astaroth, Averyl, Barinas, Berial, Brooke, Camille, Chiyo, Diamond, Edward, Eileen, Elena, Frantiva, Ginny, Haruka, Hotaru, Junko, Kanata, Lunar, Mad Hatter, Muneharu, Natata, Pan, Rikia, Rubi, Rynda, Sachiko, Shanti, Sonia, Victoria, Yume
C Alice, Ann, Beatrice, Carol, Cubie, Domessa, Emma, Gigi, Grant, Jasmine, Jason, Kristine, Ludwig, Mary, Mavis, Mei, Okuni, Ophelia, Rie, Sakura Minamoto, Senkikumaru
D Flora, Harto, Nanalie, Polly, Tiffany, Yasmine
E Bontenmaru, Loro, Mia, Penny

Miyuki from Illusion Connect riding on top of a huge lucky cat

How do I perform an Illusion Connect reroll?

Fortunately, performing a reroll in Illusion Connect is a very simple process. Here’s how to do it in steps:

  • When creating your initial account, select the ‘Guest’ option. If you’ve already created a bound account, don’t worry. You can still reroll, it will just make binding your account a bit more challenging
  • Go through the tutorial until you get to the point that you can perform a 10x summon. If you get the character you want, great! You don’t need to reroll. If you don’t, skip to the next step
  • Tap your character profile at the very top left of the screen and select ‘Switch Account’
  • Select confirm
  • Tap the subsequent drop-down menu, and select ‘New account’
  • Choose ‘More options’
  • Choose ‘Guest’
  • Now, repeat this process continually until you get the character, or characters, you want. When that happens, perform this final step
  • Go back to your character profile page, tap on ‘Account’, and then select ‘Bind Account’ and select the account you want to bind it to. This will ensure you don’t lose your character going forward