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Illusion Connect codes: free crystals, gold, and more

Get all the freebies you could need with our Illusion connect codes list

March 15, 2021: We’ve added a new code to our list

Strategy-based gacha games have risen to huge popularity in recent years, and with Genshin Impact bringing the genre to a whole new mainstream audience, it’s unlikely they’re going away anytime soon. Illusion Connect is another addition to the genre, and as with Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, it adds a romantic angle to the mix, as you build relationships with your party members, as well as fighting in RTS combat. But as ever, currency is key in Illusion Connect.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Illusion Connect codes to help you keep your party upgraded and in tip-top fighting form, but also to help you get more summons, and bring even more characters into the battle.

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here are the latest illusion connect codes:

  • #sala – ten silver partner stones, 30,000 gold, 20 nightmare bottle m (new)
  • #bestic – one trinity SR partners, one SR gear chest, 200,000 gold, 30 nightmare bottle m, five cheese croissant
  • #iconnect – 5 broken destiny prisms, 30 nightmare bottle M, 50,000 gold
  • #illusion – 50 diamonds, 20,000 gold, ten nightmare bottle M

Expired list:

  • #mander
  • #ICFG3000
  • #ICAC
  • #ICKUN
  • #icmuge
  • #icmango
  • #mustplay
  • #ichersey
  • #loveic
  • #ICBorkono
  • #ictachi
  • #ICFG
  • #ICBD
  • #IC777
  • #DC20000
  • #ICMEME200
  • #ICMEME100
  • #icsala
  • #ICCY
  • #ICVON10
  • #ICVK12
  • #ICSG

Illusion Connect character reaching out hand

what are illusion connect codes?

These redeem codes offer you in-game rewards, such summon tickets, partner stones, gift boxes, and many more items. Since Illusion Connect launched recently, too, there are plenty of codes to go around.


In order to use Illusion Connect redeem codes, you simply need to open up the game, and then tap on the picture of your avatar in the top left corner. You’ll then see three boxes, the centre of which says ‘redeem’. Tap on that and enter your code to get the goodies!

where do I get more illusion connect codes?

The best place to find more Illusion Connect codes is on the game’s Reddit or Discord pages. You can also check out Illusion Connect’s Facebook and Twitter for news about giveaways and events in the game.

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