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Don’t expect Apple to release a new iPhone SE anytime soon

Apple’s iPhone SE is an ace affordable phone, but its design is a little retro now, so many are probably after an updated design. Don’t get your hopes up.

The iPhone SE shown three times, layered and in different colours -- white, black and blue. All on a black background.

A new iPhone SE rumor suggests that we won’t get an update next year, breaking the two-year gap between the latest model and its predecessor. So, while Apple may have a new design in the works, it’s unlikely to pop up alongside the iPhone 15 release date.

As reported by MacRumors, Barclays analysts believe that it’s unlikely that Apple releases a new iPhone SE next year. This supposedly comes after having “multiple conversations” with companies within Apple’s supply chain.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest iPhone, a model which tends to use an old iPhone design with an updated chip – for example, the current-gen iPhone SE has the same design as an iPhone 8, yet the same chip as an iPhone 13.

MacRumors suggests the issues come from Apple’s in-house modem production. The Cupertino company currently uses Qualcomm modems, and TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in April that its in-house modem production won’t start until 2025 at the earliest.

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It’s unclear whether Apple will just move ahead with a new iPhone SE with a Qualcomm modem or not, especially if its in-house modem isn’t ready for two years.

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