Apple Arcade free trial available to new subscribers only. £6.99/month after trial. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Terms apply.

What is Apple Arcade?

If you’re one of the iPhone users still wondering what is Apple Arcade, you can find out all about the gaming service in our one-stop guide.

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If you’re on the App Store and wondering “what is Apple Arcade?“, we’re here to answer that question. Despite a pretty significant ad campaign and the arrival of some classic games, plenty of you are still trying to figure out what you might get from subscribing to Apple Arcade. In this guide, we’ve got all the answers.

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What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a gaming service that provides you with access to a massive library of games for a monthly fee. It’s not a streaming service either, which means you can download and play any of the available games you want without worrying about signal or service. Considering some of our reviews of Apple Arcade games – just see the strong scores on our Monument Valley 2 review and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees review – it’s definitely worth trying out for any avid mobile gamers.

How much is Apple Arcade?

Your monthly Apple Arcade subscription price depends on where you are in the world and what currency you use. We’ve laid out each of the pricing structures dependent on individual currencies below, so you don’t have to spend forever searching. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple Arcade is included in the Apple One subscription, so, if you already pay for that, be sure to check out the Apple Arcade library.

  • U.S.A – $6.99 monthly or $69.99 annually
  • Europe – €6.99 monthly or €69.99 annually
  • United Kingdom – £6.99 monthly or £69.99 annually

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How do I download Apple Arcade?

This one is kind of a trick question, as there’s no Apple Arcade download – the library is available from the App Store. To find it, follow these steps.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Select Arcade (the fourth option)
  3. Scroll the games library!

What games are on Apple Arcade?

With the service adding new titles every month, there are plenty of exciting titles available to play. For our personal favourites, we’ve got a list of the best Apple Arcade games. We also have a list of every Apple Arcade game, so even if you’re just thinking about indulging in the service, you can check out what’s playable before making the leap.

Is Apple Arcade worth it?

Whether Apple Arcade is worth it or not depends entirely on how many games you play and whether the library has anything of interest to you. In all honesty, if you’re big into FPS games or MMOs, there isn’t much for you here. However, if you enjoy engaging solo experiences, there’s a lot to dig into, with plenty of puzzle games, adventure games, and even some good old-fashioned card games.

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What happens if I cancel my Apple Arcade subscription?

You can still continue to play all Apple Arcade games from the moment you cancel your subscription until it expires.

There you have it, our answer to the question “what is Apple Arcade?”. If you can’t currently afford the service, it doesn’t mean you have to stop playing, just check out our picks for the best free mobile games. Or, if you’re looking for some mobile game freebies, check out our Coin Master free spins and free Monopoly Go dice guides.