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Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge review - hop to it and help restore nature

We checked out Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge on Nintendo Switch, and we think its toadally awesome - hop into our review to find out more.

kamaeru frog refuge review - a blue leopard print frog on a background of a farm

Our Verdict

We had a ribbeting time with Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge as it offers a wholesome story with a goal to work towards - restoring the wetland and welcoming plenty of amphibians back to bask in nature.

There’s nothing I like more than a pleasant, animal-themed indie game, which is why Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge caught my eye. I had a wonderful time playing it, so if you enjoy frogs and nice, simple little games, read on to see if it’s for you.

Right off the bat, you hop into a lovely world with a pleasant art style, where you meet Cleo, a girl sick of her desk job and wanting a change. She remembers the wetlands she used to visit with her friend Axel as kids and heads back to see how they’re faring. This kicks off a new frog-collecting career, where you must reform the wetlands and create a refuge for all the froggies.

The game is adorable. At every turn, there are – obviously – brightly colored frogs waiting for you to snap a picture of them and add them to your journal. Slowly but surely, you work through tasks to revive the wetland area. You unlock a furniture store, where you can also sell goods you make, you find a researcher to help you breed newfangled frogs, and a few other NPCs that provide excellent services.

To bring life back to the wetland area, you need to place ponds, berry bushes, and other plants – which allow you to harvest bugs to feed your frogs and produce that you can turn into sellable items. Also, the ponds provide a place for frogs to kick back and relax, as do some of the placeable items like bathtubs, logs, armchairs, and more.

kamaeru frog refuge review - a screenshot showing the game on Switch with frogs using furniture

Kamaeru has a really addictive gameplay loop of looking for frogs, collecting items, creating products, selling them, and then buying items to attract more frogs. I’ve put a few hours into this by now and have maybe a third of all the possible frog combinations – frogbinations, if you will – of colors and designs. There are over 500 to find and perhaps one day, I’ll photograph them all.

Performance could be a little smoother on Switch, but it’s nothing to complain about – the game sticks a tiny bit if you quickly move around the map all the time as I do in my frog-finding frenzy. Decorating would also likely be easier with a keyboard and mouse, but it’s not hard to get the hang of it on a Switch.

kamaeru frog refuge review - a menu showing the amount of vegetation present and carbon capture ability

Do I feel like a frog expert now? A frexpert? Maybe. My limited amphibian knowledge tells me that all of the frogs are good lil’ guys that deserve to be well looked after in our refuges. Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is a delightful little indie game, and if you enjoy wholesome adventures, frogs, and restoring natural environments – you’re gonna love it.

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