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The best frog games in 2024

If you have an attraction to the amphibian, check out our list of the best frog games you can find on mobile and Nintendo Switch. Let's jump into it.

Best frog games: Frog Detective next to pocket tactics logo

If you decide to look for the best frog games on mobile and switch, you’ll probably be shocked by the variety on offer. Seriously: there’s an absolute treasure trove of frog-based adventures out there, just waiting for you to hop into them. Deciding which are worth your time isn’t easy, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Bear in mind, that this list is a strictly toad-free zone. That’s a toadally different genre and we won’t hear otherwise.

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Here are the best frog games on Nintendo Switch and mobile:

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Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery – Switch

Admittedly, you’ve probably never imagined what it might be like to not just be a frog, but to be a frog detective. Fair enough. But what you can’t get away with is missing out on the chance to right that wrong by playing Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery on Nintendo Switch. One of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2023, Frog Detective takes you through three mysteries: The Haunted Island, The Case of the Invisible Wizard, and Corruption at Cowboy County.

In each of these, you uncover a mystery by questioning suspects and discovering evidence, and the fun of this is all enhanced by the fact that you’re a frog. It’s wonderful, family-friendly, rainy Sunday afternoon playing, and The Entire Mystery edition offers brilliant value for money by bundling each of the cases together. If you’re looking for frog games, it really won’t do to skip this magnificent adventure.

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Frog games: Frog hop

Frog Hop – Switch

Life is dangerous, as a frog. It’s not all swimming in ponds, sitting on lily pads, and catching flies. Sometimes, as you’ll find out when you play Frog Hop, you also have to avoid imminent death. In this retro, 2D platformer you play as a frog navigating a series of increasingly challenging levels.

With enemies and obstacles in your way, you have to get innovative and find new ways to reach safety. Your extendable tongue comes in handy in more ways than one, as it allows you to attack enemies and swing across the environment. If you enjoy classic Mario, this frog game will be very up your alley. It’s satisfying to beat the levels one by one, and there are some genuinely nifty challenges too, culminating in memorable boss fights where you’ll be fighting for your life against giant birds and similar foes.

Frog games: screenshot from A Frog's Job

A Frog’s Job – Switch

Maybe you like the sound of Frog Hop, but are looking for something with a bit more complexity. Enter: A Frog’s Job. Like Frog Hop, A Frog’s Job is a platformer in which you take control of a frog, navigating obstacles in order to reach the end of the level. The catch here is that you’re not just any frog: you’re a frog Grim Reaper. Yes, that’s right. Responsible for collecting the souls of dead frogs, you have the power to freeze time so that you can beat challenges and reap those souls.

The fun and addictive gameplay is complimented by a wonderfully charming art style and some boppy music. This is the kind of game where you’ll be itching to play ‘just one more’ level, which inevitably turns into multiple hours of gaming.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch

Alright, admittedly, this one is a bit of a stretch. But, you can’t deny that the deeply beloved Animal Crossing series (and the most recent, brilliant New Horizons) does feature more frogs than your typical game. That’s because frog villagers are a common feature in the series: if you want to enjoy the presence of frogs (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) you’ll get plenty of that with Animal Crossing.

More specifically, New Horizons is just a wonderful game. Soothing, immersive, and with a stronger structure than previous entries, this is the perfect Animal Crossing game for newcomers and veterans alike. I could listen to their little language all day. Just get it: frogs or not, you won’t regret it.

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Crossy Road – mobile

There are lots of options for anyone looking to bring the joy of frogs to their mobile, and Crossy Road – one of the best mobile games out there – is an incredibly solid option. Crossy Road allows you to unlock a frog that you can try to guide to safety across the various roads and obstacles, but be warned: if you truly, truly love frogs, this game inevitably ends in death. Yes, your frog will eventually be squished. Boo!

That aside, when it comes to gameplay, Crossy Road is incredibly polished and is a brilliant time-killer for mobile. It rewards patience and planning, but also requires you to be decisive and bold. The extent to which you can improve with time is also incredibly rewarding, and practice really does make perfect. You’ll be bagging high scores in no time.

Frog games: Frog cafe idle cooking

Frog Cafe idle cooking – mobile

Imagine Ratatouille, but frogs, and it’s a game for mobile. In Frog Cafe idle cooking, you manage a cafe in a swamp run by frogs. By taking hold of your inner organizer, you can turn the cafe into a huge success by building new kitchen stations, unlocking new recipes, and adding special decorations.

This a game that prioritizes aesthetics and cuteness over the gameplay experience, but it’s hard to find a game on Switch or mobile that embraces frogs to the same extent as this one. You’ve got to try it out, otherwise you can’t really call yourself a frog lover.

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