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King of Fighters Survival City tactical mobile game comes out swinging

Test your strength and your survival skills in the new King of Fighters Survival City mobile game, a brand-new entry into the iconic franchise

king of fighters survival city release: some of the iconic fighters together

A brand new tactical fighting game swings its way onto mobile – King of Fighters: Survival City, created by Joycity, and featuring all your favourite fighters. It’s available now for iOS and Android.

The mobile title ‘breaks the mould’ of fighting games by adding a hefty dose of strategy into the mix. Use the line-up of over 40 – yes, 40 – recognisable, fan-favourite characters to show off your tactical side in the online world of Survival City.

Long-time fans of the franchise will easily recognise the NESTS enemies and their evil-doing, but for those of you who are new, they’re the bad guys that are causing all the ruckus in this world. Your job is to fight back and save the world by building up and fortifying your city.

Gaining new characters is easy – simply summon them, and then you can upgrade them to their full potential. There’s character merging, items to provide bonuses, and, of course, EXP for you to earn. You can also train characters in your base.

There’s also a PVP element to Survival City, in which you can negotiate with other players to work together, or spark up a brawl and see who comes out on top. This prepares you for the three big ways of playing – classic three-round brawls, a team-based activity called City Takeover, or a more casual puzzle-based option for those wanting a chiller experience.

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By the way, there are a few launch events going on now too – the daily login event gives bonuses every day you open the game, while the fighter progression event can help you level up your guys and gals quickly. On top of that, you can test your mettle in the combat power event, too.

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