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Street Fighter: Duel tier list and reroll guide

With our Street Fighter: Duel tier list you can discover who the best fighters are, and our Street Fighter: Duel reroll guide can help you to get them.

Street Fighter Duel tier list: El Fuego growling and showing off his muscles, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred picture of the SFD lineup

There are a lot of characters in the Street Fighter franchise, many of which are present in the mobile game. So we just had to put together this Street Fighter: Duel tier list. Here, you can discover who’s more likely to lay the smackdown, and what combatants might run home to mommy. To ensure you get who you want, we even have a Street Fighter: Duel reroll guide.

Mind you, having the best possible characters is only half the battle, you need the in-game items to back you up, and our Street Fighter: Duel codes guide can help you. However, if it’s similar content that you’re after, you should give our Genshin Impact tier list, League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list, and TFT tier list content a read.

Anyway, let’s duke it out with our Street Fighter: Duel tier list.

Street fighter Duel tier list key art featuring a bunch of fighters posing

Street Fighter: Duel tier list

Rank Street Fighter: Duel character
S Akuma, Athlete Chun Li, Beast Zangief, C. Viper, Chun Li, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Elena, Evil Ryu, Fashion Blanka, Gentleman Cody, Gore Magala Ken, Gouken, Guile, M. Bison, Oni, Rose, Sagat, Street Poison, Summer Yang
A Abel, Balrog, Cammy, El Fuerte, Fashion Sakura, Gen, Guy, Juri, Red Lotus Fighting King Ken, Trendy Cammy, Vega, Zangief
B Adon, Blanka, Combat Guile, Dante, Flame Chun Li, Ken, Mad Ryu, Makoto, Poison, Seth
C Decapre, Deejay, Dudley, Fei Long, Mayor Cody, T-Hawk, Yang, Yun
D Akaebo, Baldwin, Bethany, Carolyn, Charming Dudley, Cody, Dan, Gary, Hakan, Hodi, Hugo, Ibuki, Mech Seth, Patrick, Philip, Rolento, Ron, Rufus, Ryu, Sakura, Sanji

How do I do a Street Fighter: Duel reroll?

Performing a Street Fighter: Duel reroll is fairly easy, you just have to:

  • Sign in with a guest account
  • Open your server launch bag
  • If you get the character you want great, if not you need to:
    • Tap the player icon
    • Go to settings
    • Hit select server
    • Choose a new server
  • Rinse and repeat those steps until you get the character that you want

There you have it, our Street Fighter: Duel tier list and reroll guide. For even more combat experience, head over to our best Switch fighting games list. Or take a look at our Anime Adventures codes and Shindo Lifee codes lists for some freebies.