Kingdom Hearts wallpapers

Show some appreciation for our beloved keyblade wielders and pals, with these awesome Kingdom Hearts wallpapers for phone and desktop

Kingdom Heatys wallpaper showing Kairi and Sora back to back on a split day and night background

Kingdom Hearts is an iconic game series where the action-packed, lore-driven worlds of Square Enix collide with the gorgeous, beloved worlds of your favourite Disney films. So, come celebrate that magic with us, by perusing through our favourite Kingdom Hearts wallpapers. Covering some of the most popular characters across several games in the series, with both official art and a few made by us ourselves, there’s bound to be something here that takes your fancy.

Deck your phone and desktop out in style, and fall headfirst into this enchanting universe. Then, if you want more Kingdom Hearts content, be sure to check out our huge guide on all the Kingdom Hearts characters. We’ve also got a list of the best Switch adventure games and best Switch RPGs if you’re looking for even more worlds to explore.

Kingdom Hearts desktop wallpapers

Here are some of our top picks for Kingdom Hearts desktop wallpapers.

Kingdom Hearts 2 logo and characters

Kingdom Hearts II splash art

Simple but iconic, this one should stir some nostalgia in those of you who played Kingdom Hearts II when it came out way back in the early 2000s.

Keyblade pattern wallpaper

Keyblade pattern

This gorgeous, ornate design invokes a real feel of elegance, while still boasting your love of KH.

Group of Kingdom Hearts 3 characters on a rooftop

Kingdom Hearts III group shot

The first of our KHIII wallpapers features some of the most prominent Kingdom Hearts protagonists on a rich, galaxy background, and makes it hard not to feel the magic – it’s also hard to shake that longing to join them on the rooftops and munch on a sea salt ice cream.

Sora stood raising three fingers in the air, surrounded by Kingdom Hearts 3 characters

It’s KH3, baby

An action-packed shot showing a bunch of the unforgettable faces you bump into on your Kingdom Hearts III adventure, this one’s sure to get you pumped up and ready for another romp in these enchanting worlds.

Terra, Ventus, and Aqua

Birth By Sleep buddies

The sheer determination and sternness of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua’s faces here is truly admirable – and sure to boost your productivity. No slacking with this trio around!

Aqua, Ventus, Terra, and Mickey

Mickey’s watching you

This Birth By Sleep wallpaper features art from the Final Mix, and takes us back to those old school days. Even if the way Mickey’s aiming his keyblade at you is a little threatening…

Roxas against a galaxy background

Roxas chilling in the sky

Just a sleepy Roxas, chilling out in the sky. How serene.

Riku against a galaxy background

Riku in the sky

A slightly less sleepy Riku, looking a bit threatening in the sky. Not so serene.

Aqua against a galaxy background

Aqua… Also in the sky

Ah! Angry Aqua in the sky! Definitely not serene. Pretty, though.

Aqua against a blue background

Aqua in blue

Aqua’s so pretty. Blue is definitely her colour.

Sora and Kairi with Poapu by the sea

Sora and Kairi share Paopu by the sea

Sora and Kairi’s fates are indefinitely intertwined, so seeing them together by the ocean once again, sharing a paopu fruit in the shallows, brings such a wholesome feeling of peace. We can practically feel that ocean breeze.

Sora and Kairi back to back

Sora and Kairi back to back

They’ve come a long way since the first game, huh? Still besties though. What a gorgeous and emotional scene – the contrast between the two halves is stunning.

Kingdom Hearts phone wallpapers

Sora and Ariel

Sora and Ariel

Sora makes friends anywhere he goes, even in the ocean. The majestic vision of a water-Ariel really captures that lovely summery vibe that makes us want to go for a dip in the sun ourselves.

Sora holding a Paopu in the ocean


This watercolour painting of Sora at the beach really gets us right in the feels. It’s so vibrant and whimsical, yet full of meaning.

Sora and Roxas eating ice cream

Sora and Roxas eating ice cream

Two halves make a whole, and this is a whole lot of cute.

Sora and Riku falling

Sora and Riku falling

Just two guys casually falling through the galaxy, Dream Drop Distance style. Have you noticed how often these guys fall?

Riku on a KH logo background

Kingdom Hearts III Riku

This guy’s serious. About both defeating darkness, and posing like a pro.

Aqua on a KH logo background


You don’t mess with Aqua. That lady’s been through the shadow realm and she knows your secrets.

Roxas on a Kingdom Hearts logo background


Oh, he’s fallen asleep again. Should we wake him up or something? Nah… Let’s leave him. He looks so peaceful.

Birth By Sleep characters

Birth By Sleep battle buddies

This action shot of our faves from Birth By Sleep has so much energy to it. Get those vibes going, those heartless butts won’t kick themselves.

And that’s it for our Kingdom Hearts wallpapers! It’s such a gorgeous series and we’re such big fans, it was pretty tough whittling it down to these, if we’re honest. If you’re looking for more aesthetic inspiration from another beautiful adventure, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact wallpapers, too.