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Genshin Impact wallpapers

Whether you're looking to summon Sumeru to your screen or hang out with the awesome archons, there's a Genshin Impact wallpaper right here for you.

Genshin Impact wallpaper nilou holding a star while dancing

Teyvat is undoubtedly a beautiful place. Whether you’re looking for a swooping, swooshing action shot, a more contemplative landscape image, or something in between, you’re going to find a picture to fall in love with in this gallery of Genshin Impact wallpapers. Some of them are almost impossible to take your eyes off!

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Now, without further ado, here are our current favorite Genshin Impact wallpapers for PC and mobile.

Genshin Impact PC wallpapers

A Genshin Impact wallpaper of the Hexenzirkel table and chairs

If you like the magical mages in Teyvat, then check out this Genshin Impact Hexenzirkel-themed wallpaper to show off your favorite band of magical maidens.

Genshin Impact wallpaper: aranara at night on a leaf

La la la laaaa~ The aranara are one of the best additions to Sumeru, so we love this cute wallpaper of them.

Genshin Impact wallpaper nilou holding a star while dancing

Star of the Zubayr Theater, Nilou, shines as she dances for travelers in Sumeru City. Here she is in a cute style doing just that.

Genshin Impact wallpaper featuring the archons having a picnic together

The archons truly look godly in this lovely scenic picture. We can practically hear Nahida’s laugh from here.

Genshin Impact wallpaper of a giant pyramid in the desert

King Deshret’s pyramid is quite the spectacle, so why not install it on your PC?

Shouki No Kami, The Prodigal, is the coolest-looking weekly boss in the game. Sorry – but it’s true.

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite wallpaper featuring Hu tao, Yelan, and Xiao

To celebrate the next big event, here’s a Lantern Rite-themed wallpaper featuring Hu Tao, Xiao, and Yelan!

Genshin Impact wallpaper Nahida, Dehya, Nilou, Alhaitham, and Tighnari in Sumeru

The Sumeru gang unites in this vibrant shot of Nahida, Nilou, Dehya, Alhaitham, and Tighnari.

Genshin Impact wallpaper Genshin Concert 2022 showing a group of characters performing

Get ready to rock with this electric promo image for the Genshin Concert 2022. Aren’t those alternate outfits awesome?

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing a group of characters in battle poses

The Chasm gang is here to kick some booties. Who would’ve thought we’d get the opportunity to see Xiao and Itto hanging out for real? What a delight.

Genshin Impact mobile wallpapers

An official Genshin Impact wallpaper for mobile of the summer event

Did you enjoy this year’s summer event? Then why not commemorate it by having this motley crew as your lockscreen.

Genshin Impact wallpaper mobile: Wanderer and an aranara overlooking Sumeru

Though we never actually see Wanderer interact with the Aranara, this picture suggests that it indeed happened…

Genshin Impact wallpaper mobile nahida and Cyno: two characters holding different items

Aw, look at these two, looking at things. Does Cyno know what he’s doing with that potion?

Genshin Impact wallpaper mobile featuring Baizhu and a white snake

He’s here! He’s finally here! Pharmacist Genshin Impact’s Baizhu is in the game, and now available as a snazzy wallpaper.

Genshin Impact wallpaper mobile featuring four characters from Sumeru in a cafe

It goes without saying that this group of Sumeru lads is great, therefore, make them your wallpaper.

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing the two Travelers holding hands in a starry landscape

Regardless of which one you chose, Aether and Lumine are both absolutely adorable, and it’s great to see them together in this gorgeous wallpaper.

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing Xiao beneath a lantern

Vigilant as ever, best boy Xiao is here to watch over you. You don’t even need to say his name – just unlock your phone and he’s there.

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing Ganyu sitting on a rock

The most beautiful goat – wait, I mean adeptus – in Liyue looks so serene in this elegant illustration.

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing Faruzan playing with a mechanism

Faruzan is such an elegant little cutie, and this shot of her truly gives some ethereal Hatsune Miku vibes, doesn’t it?

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing Fisxhl, Kazuha, Mona, and Xinyan

Regardless of the weather outside, carry a little piece of that summertime magic with you everywhere you go with this gorgeous oceanic shot of the Golden Apple Gang.

Genshin Impact wallpaper showing Xiao, Itto, Yanfei, Kuki, and Yelan

We love the energy of the Chasm crew in this one. With these guys looking out for you, even the darkest day feels bright.

And those are all of our favorite Genshin Impact Wallpapers at the moment. Now that you’ve decked out your desktop and phone screen in style, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to set out on your next adventure.