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Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses

Check out the legion of big baddies that await the star-surfing hero, in our Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses guide

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The star-surfing Nintendo mascot has fought his fair share of bosses in twenty-five years, but that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze bringing down the big baddies in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. With the return of King Dedede, alongside a new rogue’s gallery of not so friendly faces, our pink hero has his work cut out for him if he wants to restore peace to the mysterious planet and find a way home. Still, we wouldn’t bet against him. 

If you want to get a step ahead of the curve before hoovering up another adventure, our Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses guide has all the important info you need to best the high ranking members of the beast pack. From what attacks to expect, to what copy abilities will best serve the little pink protagonist, with our help, you’ll have the Waddle Dees home and dry in no time. 

Before taking on these challenging boss battles, be sure to check out our guides to Kirby and the Forgotten Land characters and Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities, so you’re ahead of the game for bringing down King Dedede’s new regime. Or, if you want to know how we got on with the first of these boss battles, see our Kirby and the Forgotten Land preview for our thoughts on Kirby’s debut 3D adventure.

All Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses

King Dedede screenshot

King Dedede 

The Bowser to Kirby’s Mario, the Doctor Eggman to Kirby’s Sonic, the star-surfer’s long-standing nemesis King Dedede returns to wreak havoc in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.  We’re still not sure precisely what Dedede has up his enormous sleeves, but we know it involves taking all the Waddle Dees prisoner, and working alongside a new team of enemies to stop Kirby from saving his planetary pals. Oh King Dedede, you never change. 

Ingame screenshot of Gorimondo


An escaped ape (no, not that kind) is the first boss that Kirby has to contend with on his quest to save the Waddle Dees. Known in-game as the ‘strong-armed beast’, this battle has Kirby ducking and diving out of the way of Gorimondo’s impressive reach, and only the most nimble fingers will make it out alive. 

We had the most success taking down Gorimondo with the cutter copy ability, as it lets Kirby jump for cover the second he launches a boomerang. Bombs are in plentiful supply in the early game too, so if you can’t make it with a boomerang, try bringing another kind of boom to this banana-munching big bad. 

Clawroline screenshot from in game


Clawroline is the killer cat of the forgotten land, with razor-sharp claws and a flurry of acrobatic attacks. Though she isn’t the ringleader of the beast pack, she does call a circus tent home, and uses her elaborate surroundings by pouncing around our pink hero to devastating effect. 

If you don’t want to make a clown out of Kirby, bring a long-range copy ability to keep your distance from the ferocious feline. We know cats don’t like water, and it turns out they’re not too keen on flames either, so the fire copy ability is always a good call. 

In-game screenshot of Sillydillo


Silly by name, not so much by nature. Sillydillo is an oversized and wide-eyed armadillo, but despite not looking like the brightest beast of the bunch, this boss is no pushover. The stakes don’t get much higher by the time you reach Sillydillo, and if you mess up here, there’s a cage with Kirby’s name on it. 

To get under Sillydillo’s hard armour, we recommend bombs, and lots of them. Fortunately, this is one of the most accessible copy abilities to find in the game, so it shouldn’t take too long to track down some firepower and smash some serious shell. 

Screenshot of Tropic Woods boss battle

Tropic Woods 

Kirby loves a wacky boss battle, and they don’t get much zanier than taking on Tropic Woods. In the world of the forgotten land, it’s too late to save the trees, and if anything, Kirby should concentrate on a way to save himself when in the battle against this deep-rooted boss. 

As the big bad of the forbidden land’s beach area, Tropic Woods blows our hoovering hero out of attacking range with ease, so again, you’re best opting for a long-distance copy ability to prune this boss back down to size. There’s no chainsaw copy ability, unfortunately. 

Screenshot of Meta Knight from Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer

Meta Knight 

Another returning face, but with a little added mystery. Meta Knight is the grey area of the Kirby series, and you can best define them as an anti-hero who can either make Kirby’s day, or seriously rain on his parade. We think Meta Knight will make an appearance as part of the colosseum feature in Waddle Dee Town, but it’s still a guessing game as to how this old adversary finds a place in the plot of Kirby’s first 3D adventure. 

There you are, a complete rundown of all the Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss battles. If you want your own pink little pal to adventure with, be sure to check out our guide to the cutest Kirby plush toys around. Or, if you think Kirby might get a boss boost from a sweet little ditty, why not soundtrack your journey through the strange new lands with this perfect pink Kirby otamatone.