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Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities

Bring out your blunderbuss, or blow a gale, with new and returning Kirby and the Forgotten land copy abilities

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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the little pink ball of love is back to hoover up the competition with another host of exciting copy abilities. From sword-slashing, to Bomberman impersonations, Kirby is well equipped to take on King Dedede once again, with over ten different styles to rock as you roll through the mysterious world. 

In our guide to the Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities, we’ll go through each different Kirby form you can suck up to help save the Waddle Dees. There are returning classics, plus exciting new forms like Ranger Kirby, and you’ll need to master them all to save your friends, figure out the mysteries of the abandoned planet, and track down all the snazzy collectables.

If you still haven’t decided whether or not you want to take a trip with the pink legend to new lands yet, check out our Kirby and the Forgotten Land preview. We’ve also got a roundup of all the Kirby and the Forgotten Land characters, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules, so you can see what familiar faces you might find in this brave new world.

All Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities 

You can upgrade all of the copy abilities below at Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee Town by using your Kirby and the Forgotten Land blueprints. So, if you do find out you have a favourite, you can make it even more powerful by parting with your pennies, in-game currency that is, for more potent attacks. 

Bomb Kirby copy ability

Bomb Kirby

  • Power: 1.5
  • Rapid-Fire: 1.5 
  • Enemy copied: Poppy Bros. Jr.  
  • Evolutions: Chain Bomb, Homing Bomb 
  • Description: Kirby’s most explosive copy ability turns the mascot into a force to be reckoned with. Bomb Kirby is pretty straightforward, and with this power, you can throw, you guessed it, bombs at enemies to deal significant damage. There’s no recoil effect either, so you don’t need to worry about Kirby getting himself blown up.

Crash Kirby copy ability

Crash Kirby

  • Power: 4
  • Rapid-Fire: 0  
  • Enemy copied: 
  • Evolutions: Time Crash
  • Description: Kirby causes real chaos with the crash copy ability, creating explosions that damage multiple enemies. It’s one of Kirby’s most effective glow ups, or blow-ups, and leaves King Dedede with a singed gown and burned brows. It does make Kirby a bit of a flight hazard, though, so stick to solo star-surfing with this one.

Cutter Kirby copy ability

Cutter Kirby

  • Power: 1
  • Rapid-Fire: 2 
  • Enemy copied: Sir Kibble 
  • Evolutions: Chakram Cutter, Buzz-Saw Cutter 
  • Description: Kirby has some serious Captain Boomerang vibes with the cutter copy ability. Slicing through enemies with ease, cutter Kirby is one of the most effective offensive copyable powers, and you can upgrade this ability in Waddle Dee Town to make for an even more lethal weapon. You heard us right, Kirby means business.

Drill Kirby copy ability

Drill Kirby

  • Power: 2
  • Rapid-Fire: 1 
  • Enemy copied: Digguh
  • Evolutions: Pencil Drill, Twin Drill 
  • Description: Digging through dangerous locations is Drill Kirby. Particularly useful if you’re trying to sneak behind, or around, an enemy, Drill Kirby tunnels through the forgotten land with ease. This power is one of the new copy abilities added for the debut 3D Kirby adventure, and we’re pretty excited at the prospect of digging for trouble and treasure in a fresh form.

Fire Kirby copy ability

Fire Kirby 

  • Power: 1.5
  • Rapid-Fire: 1.5
  • Enemy copied: Hot Head 
  • Evolutions: Volcano Fire, Dragon Fire 
  • Description: Bring the flames to the forgotten land with Fire Kirby. Like fellow Nintendo mascot Mario having picked up a fire flower, with this copy ability, Kirby can shoot out great balls of flame that incinerate enemies, leaving them no time at all to run for cover.

Hammer Kirby copy ability

Hammer Kirby 

  • Power: 2
  • Rapid-Fire: 1 
  • Enemy copied: Mookie, Wild Bonkers
  • Evolutions: Toy Hammer, Wild Hammer, Masked Hammer 
  • Description: Dealing a crippling blow to baddies all over the forgotten land is Hammer Kirby. With this ability, Kirby takes one look at King Dedede and says “if you can’t beat them, join them’ before whipping out an impressive hammer of his own. It might not be as fluid as the sword, or as quick as the cutter, but hammer Kirby hits harder than most.

Ice Kirby copy ability

Ice Kirby

  • Power: 1.5
  • Rapid-Fire: 1.5 
  • Enemy copied: Chilly, Corori, Wild Frosty
  • Evolutions: Frosty Ice, Blizzard Ice 
  • Description: Cool off King Dedede and his rogue’s gallery with ice Kirby, the coolest Kirby in town. Like Fire Kirby, with this ability, you blow cool air on enemies and freeze them solid before brushing them aside with ease. Ice Kirby has zero chill.

Needle Kirby copy ability

Needle Kirby

  • Power: 1.5
  • Rapid-Fire: 1.5 
  • Enemy copied: Needlous, Totenga, Jabhog
  • Evolutions: Clutter Needle, Crystal Needle 
  • Description: I’d feel pretty spiky, too, if I’d just been teleported to a new world. Still, Kirby makes the most out of this, and with the needle copy ability, you can pierce even the toughest enemies. Just be careful around the Waddle Dees. They’ve been through enough.

Ranger Kirby copy ability

Ranger Kirby 

  • Power: 1
  • Rapid-Fire: 2 
  • Enemy copied: Bernard 
  • Evolutions: Noble Ranger, Space Ranger
  • Description: Who doesn’t love a Kirby in uniform? Ranger Kirby wrangles up members of the beast pack like nobody’s business, with a blunderbuss in hand. It’s another new copy ability for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and the first we can think of where Kirby’s got a gun.

Sleep Kirby copy ability

Sleep Kirby

  • Power: 0 
  • Rapid-Fire: 0 
  • Enemy copied: Noddy  
  • Evolutions: Deep Sleep 
  • Description: Sweet dreams, sweet Kirby. This form is simultaneously the worst, and the best copy ability on this list, with Kirby bowing out of the battle to take a quick snooze. We say it’s one of the best as the little star-surfer has never looked cuter than when he’s counting sheep, but in terms of battling and beating down bosses, we wouldn’t much recommend taking sleep Kirby along past bedtime.

Sword Kirby copy ability

Sword Kirby

  • Power: 1
  • Rapid-Fire: 2
  • Enemy copied: Blade Knight, Wild Edge
  • Evolutions: Giant Sword, Meta Knight Sword, Morpho Knight Sword
  • Description: We’re a sucker for traditions, and it just wouldn’t be a Kirby game without a sword copy ability. Sword Kirby dons a fighting cap and weaves through enemies with a weapon in hand, taking chunks out of anyone who stands in the way. It’s worth repeating, Kirby means business.

Tornado Kirby copy ability

Tornado Kirby

  • Power: 1.5
  • Rapid-Fire: 1.5 
  • Enemy copied: Twister, Fleurina
  • Evolutions: Fleur Tornado, Storm Tornado 
  • Description: For most days in the forgotten land, the weather report reads as sunny with a chance of tornado Kirby. With this copy ability, the little suction master goes full gale force to pull in enemies before throwing them back out again to devastating effect. With upgrades, tornado Kirby can muster up a real typhoon, so it’s worth pouring your pennies into this one.

There you have it! Those are all the Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities. If all this talk of Nintendo’s mouthful mascot has you wanting your own little star-surfer, see our Kirby plush guide to find the stuffed sucker for you. Or, if like me, you’re wondering what it might look like if Kirby went full mouthful mode on you, check out this beanie and stop wondering.

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