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Kirby and the Forgotten Land figures and capsules

Trying to complete your collection? Our guide to Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules has all the info you need for a full set of fabulous figurines

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It turns out Mario isn’t the only master hoarder on Nintendo’s books. The little pink star-surfer is somewhat of a collector himself, and in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, he needs to locate all the capsules he can to turn Waddle Dee Town into a safe haven for his old friends. So, it’s time to get get your gacha on, and collect, collect, collect. 

With our guide to Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules, you’ll have a full table of figurines for Kirby to look longingly at atop his fireplace. To add more capsules to your collection, you can find them while out adventuring, or you can pay ten star coins at the gotcha machine in Waddle Dee Town for a guaranteed figurine. 

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What are Kirby and the Forgotten Land figures and capsules? 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules are collectable in-game items, each containing a special figurine to add to your stash. From the mini-impressions of Kirby himself, to the various enemies that the star-surfer has to contend with, there are more than enough to keep you busy collecting. 

You also find figures in Waddle Dee Town, through helpful members of the community like Wise Waddle Dee, Waddle Dee-liveries, and the Waddle Dee cafe. You can find seven figurines when Waddle Dee Town is fully functional, with a secret eighth available after the post-game.

Each capsule is part of a larger set, known as volumes, that you unlock as Kirby finds his way through the Forgotten Land, beating bosses and freeing Waddle Dees. The capsules come range from one-star to four-star rating, with each three-star and four-star figurine having its own neat little description when on display. 

How do I access my Kirby and the Forgotten Land figure collection? 

You can easily access your Kirby and the Forgotten Land figure collection by pressing the “-” button on your Switch while in Waddle Dee Town, or when star-surfing Kirby is deciding on a destination in the overworld.

All Kirby and the Forgotten Land figures

With the exception of the Waddle Dee Town figures, what figures you receive from a capsule are randomised, so there’s no way of guaranteeing the last item you need to complete your collection, you just have to pray to the Gotcha machine gods for some good luck.

We’ve made a list of all the figures which unlock under specific conditions, so you can concentrate on finding the other missing pieces of your collection.

  • Wise Waddle Dee – keep listening to Wise Waddle Dee until he hands you the item 
  • Cafe-Staff Kirby – complete all the Help Wanted mini-games 
  • Cafe-Staff Waddle Dee – unlocked after buying an unknown amount of items from the Waddle Dee Cafe 
  • Delivery Waddle Dee – redeem at least five present codes at Waddle Dee-liveries 
  • Fishing-Pond Kirby – catch multiple fish in one sitting and you can catch “the big one” to get your hands on this figure 
  • Game-Shop Waddle Dee – complete all the Tilt-and-Roll missions 
  • Item-Shop Waddle Dee – unlocked after buying enough buffs from the item shop
  • Chaos Elfilis – beat The Ultimate Cup Z
  • Ultimate Life-Form Fecto Elfilis – beat the Ultimate Cup
  • Leon & Carol – find all of Leon’s souls on the Isolated Isle

Volume One 

Figure Star rating
Kirby ★★★
Elfilin ★★★
Bandana Waddle Dee ★★★ 
Waddle Dee ★★★
Sword ★★★
Bomb ★★★・ 
Cutter ★★★
Fire ★★★
Ranger ★★★
Needle ★★★
Ice ★★★
Car ★★
Car-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Traffic Cone ★★ 
Cone-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Water Tank ★★
Dome-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Storage Cabinet ★★
Storage-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Rental Lockers ★★
Bolted-Storage-Mouth Kirby ★★★ 
Captured Waddle Dee ★★★
Captured Waddle Dees ★★★
Awoofy ★★★
Cappy ★★
Bronto Burt ★★
Kabu ★★
Bouncy ★★ 
Gabon ★★
Shotzo ★★
Gordo ★★
Gordo Bar ★★
Big Kabu ★★
Buffahorn ★★★
Tortorner ★★★
Tortuilding ★★★
Blade Knight ★★
Poppy Bros. Jr. ★★
Sir Kibble ★★
Hot Head ★★
Bernard ★★★
Needlous ★★ 
Chilly ★★
Jabhog ★★★
Wanted Posters ★★
Arrow Sign
Pop Flower
Star Block
Bomb Block
Switch ★★
Target Switch ★★
Lantern Switch ★★
Cannon ★★
Warp Star ★★
Treasure Chest ★★ 
Radio ★★
Car-Shop Sign ★★★
Alivel Mall Sign ★★★
Lightron Works Sign ★★★
Tangerine ★ 
Star Coin
Green Star Coin
Red Star Coin
Blue Star Coin ★★
Invincible Candy ★★
Maxim Tomato ★★★ 
Cafe-Staff Kirby ★★★★
Fishing-Pond Kirby ★★★★
Wise Waddle Dee ★★★★
Delivery Waddle Dee ★★★★
Cafe-Staff Waddle Dee ★★★★
Game-Shop Waddle Dee ★★★★
Item-Shop Waddle Dee ★★★★
Wild Frosty ★★★
Strong-Armed Beast Gorimondo ★★★★

Volume 2

Figure Star rating
Drill ★★★
Tornado ★★★
Hammer ★★★
Crash ★★★
Noble Ranger ★★★
Gigant sword ★★★
Chain Bomb ★★★
Chakram Cutter ★★★
Volcano Fire ★★★
Clutter Needle ★★★
Fleur Tornado ★★★
Toy Hammer ★★★
Time Crash ★★★★
Light Ring ★★
Gear Ring ★★
Ring-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Boat ★★
Boating Ring-Mouth Kirby ★★★ 
Light Bulb ★★
Light-Bulb-Kirby Mouth ★★★
The Spaceship Wondaria ★★
Coaster-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Glunk ★★
Blipper ★★
Foley ★★
Walf ★★
Scarfy ★★
Squishy ★★ 
Spookstep ★★
Phanta ★★
Ghost Gordo ★★
Rabiroo & Orabiroo ★★★
Gnawoodile ★★★
Balloon-Meister ★★★
Gigatzo ★★ 
Digguh ★★★
Twister ★★
Mookie ★★★
Bomber ★★
Animal Sand Sculpture
Stake ★★
Windmill-Switch ★★
Solar-Panel Switch ★★ 
Blooming Flowers ★★
Knock-Knock Nut ★★
Lost Ducklings ★★
Captured Roulette ★★
Surprise Alien Board ★★
Race Car ★★
Twirling Star Rocket ★★
Runaway Parade Car ★★
Face-Cutout Photo Stand ★★
Wondaria Statue ★★★
Wondog & Wondy ★★★
Ear of Corn
Tin of Fish
Order of Sushi
Milk Bottle
Soft Drink
Tub of Popcorn
Cup of Juice
Order of Fries
Order of Takoyaki
Chocolate Bar
Car-Mouth Cake ★★
Kirby Burger ★★
Wild Bonkers ★★★
Fleurina ★★★
Wild Edge ★★★ 
Unfriendly Fronds Tropic Woods ★★★★
Lethal Leopard Clawroline ★★★★

Kirby getting an item from the gotcha machine

Volume 3

Figure Star rating 
Sleep ★★★
Pencil Drill ★★★
Frosty Ice ★★★
Dragon Fire ★★★★
Vending Machine ★★
Vending-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Stairs ★★
Stairs-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Pipe ★★
Pipe-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Scissor-Lift ★★
Scissor-Lift-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Water Pipe ★★
Water-Balloon-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Glider Arch ★★
Arch-Mouth Kirby ★★★
Captured Elfilin ★★★
Primal Awoofy ★★★
Mumbies ★★
Totenga ★★
Sssnacker ★★★
Pacto ★★
Poison Croakom ★★★
Noddy ★★
Corori ★★
Handmade Kirby ★★
Handmade Elfilin ★★
Handmade Dance Partner ★★
Animal Snow Sculpture
Breakable Block ★★
Nail ★★
Speakers ★★
Soft-Serve Traffic Cone ★★
Clock Ring ★★
Ice-Cream Cone
Chocolate Ice-Cream Bar
Hunk of Meat
Roast Chicken
Plate of Fried Eggs
Rice Ball
Loaf of French Bread
Milk Carton
Cup of Coffee
Star Coin Pile ★★
Energy Drink ★★
Life Up
Attack Boost ★ 
Speed Boost
Blueprint ★★★
The Lone Swordsman Meta Knight ★★★★
His Royal Nemesis King Dedede ★★★★
Armor-Plated Prancer Sillydillo ★★★★

Volume 4

Kirby figure from volume 1

Figure Star rating
Meta Knight Sword ★★★
Wild Hammer ★★★
Buzz-Saw Cutter ★★★
Crystal Needle ★★★★
Homing Bomb ★★★★
Twin Drill ★★★★
Blizzard Ice ★★★★
Deep Sleep ★★★★
Storm Tornado ★★★★
Space Ranger ★★★★
Masked Hammer ★★★★
Morpho Knight Sword ★★★★★
Big Rig ★★
Big-Rig-Mouth Kirby ★★★★
Big Red Tortuilding ★★★
Napping Beast ★★★
The Ranger’s Great Discovery ★★★
A Duel with Meta Knight ★★★★★
Destined Rivals ★★★★★
Adventure Together ★★★★
Rare-Stone Master ★★★★
Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee ★★★★
Commentator Waddle Dee ★★★★
Usher Waddle Dee ★★★★
The Deadly Dees ★★★★
His Primal Nemesis Forgo Dedede ★★★★
King of the Beasts Leongar ★★★★★
Invasive Species Fecto Forgo (Larva) ★★★★★
Invasive Species Fecto Forgo ★★★★★
Ultimate Life-Form Fecto Elfilis ★★★★★
Strong-Armed Illusion Phantom Gorimondo ★★★★
Illusory Fronds Phantom Tropic Woods ★★★★
Illusory Leopard Phantom Clawroline ★★★★
His Illusory Nemesis Phantom King Dedede ★★★★
Armor-Plated Illusion Phantom Sillydillo ★★★★
The Lone Illusion Phantom Meta Knight ★★★★
Illusory Primal Nemesis Phantom Forgo Dedede ★★★★
Possessed Beast Forgo Leon ★★★★★
Fluttering Dream Eater Morpho Knight ★★★★★
Piece of Leon’s Soul ★★★
Meow, Meow! (Wake Up, Leon) ★★★★★
Leon & Carol ★★★★★
Species Born of Chaos Chaos Elfilis ★★★★★

Since you can’t swallow enemies hole like Kirby, why not pack a lunch for your adventure through the Forgotten Land with this adorable bento box. So there you have it! With our guide to Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules, the star-surfer should have a fireplace full of figurines before you know it. If Kirby’s foray into the world of gacha has you hooked, why not check out our picks for best gacha games.