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Kirby wallpapers

These Kirby wallpapers are the perfect way to celebrate everyone’s favourite pink space gumball while keeping your laptop or mobile device looking fresh.

Kirby wallpaper: A piece of art celebrating Kirby's 31st anniversary, featuring Kirby and the gang around a cake

No one can deny that Kirby is cute. Both his character design and his games have the perfect pastel aesthetic that makes for some dreamy-looking Kirby wallpapers. Delicious-looking, even, given how much this li’l guy loves his food. We’ve found the sweetest visual treats for you to feast your eyes on. Grab a Kirby wallpaper to spruce up your laptop or mobile device!

Of course, it can be difficult to decide on a single theme for all of your devices. If you want some more nerdy wallpaper options, check out our Kingdom Hearts wallpapers, Sonic wallpapers, or Zelda wallpapers.

Let’s help you find your new favorite Kirby wallpaper.

Kirby wallpaper: A piece of art celebrating Kirby's 31st anniversary, featuring Kirby and the gang around a cake

Kirby’s 31st anniversary

While this hasn’t been released as an official wallpaper, you can download this adorable birthday cake image from the official Kirby JP Twitter.

Kirby wallpapers: An official Kirby 25th anniversary wallpaper showing cute mini biomes of Dream Land landmarks on a light green background, with a Kirby 25th Anniversary logo in the bottom right corner.

Kirby’s 25th anniversary

This beautiful art celebrates 25 years of our favorite pink gumball making his Western debut in Kirby’s Dream Land. There’s a vertical version of this one for phone screens too.

Kirby wallpapers: Key art from Kirby's Dream Buffet showing pink Kirby being large and spherical on some icing, with mint and brown Kirbies behind him and a yellow Kirby rolling to the left side. There are strawberries all over the screen.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet

In our opinion, Kirby’s Dream Buffet has some of the cutest art of recent Kirby games. The dessert motifs are to die for, even if they make us a little hungry.

Kirby wallpapers: A teal-blue background with a pale yellow lace-like trip, featuring various Kirbies in different poses with white outlines as if they are stickers. There are also sweets, hot dogs, and Metamatos. The Kirby in the middle is holding a magic wand up in the air.

Happy Birthday Kirby!

Nintendo Japan has a wealth of adorable Kirby artwork, and this birthday wallpaper is no exception. The tiny Metamato is just precious!

Kirby wallpapers: A simple pink wallpaper background with a lineless Kirby illustation in the bottom right corner. His body is the same colour as the background, so the details are his face and his feet.

Simple Kirby background @Wallpapers.com

Sometimes you want a wallpaper that’s both cute and not too busy. This simple Kirby artwork is a great blend of the two and would make a pretty great art print as well as a desktop wallpaper.

Kirby wallpapers: A tiled repeating Kirby pattern on a super pale pink background. The tiles include various Kirby emojis in a dark pink line art, Metamatos, curry rice, drinks bottles, and lollipops.

Kirby icons @Wallpapers.com

This tiled wallpaper features a range of Kirby emojis and a range of his favorite things. Metamatos, curry rice, and lollipops, oh my!

There you have it, a collection of Kirby wallpapers to jazz up your desktop. If you’re a Kirby superfan, check out the new SuperGroupies Kirby merch.