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Sonic wallpaper

These Sonic wallpapers are sure to add style to your screen, so grab the best artwork of the blue blur and spruce up your desktop or mobile device today.

Sonic wallpaper: an illustration from the opening cut scene to Sonic Mania shows a paste coloured Sonic leaping into the air in joy

If you’re looking for a Sonic wallpaper, you have plenty to choose from. Sonic is cooler than Mario, and everybody knows that. Whether his games are better is a different argument, but at the very least, Sonic always strikes a pose and looks hip while doing it. Even better, Sonic has countless pieces of artwork or fan art that pay homage to him.

Before we spin-dash into our guide, Sonic isn’t the only one with great artwork. If you’re looking for even more ways to decorate your desktop, be sure to check out our guides for Mario wallpapers, Zelda wallpapers, Pokémon wallpapers, Kingdom Hearts wallpapers, Genshin Impact wallpapers, and so many more.

Let’s roll around to the speed of sound, and spin into our Sonic wallpaper guide.

Sonic wallpaper: key art for Sonic Adventure 2 shows Sonic and Shadow stood back to back

Sonic Adventure 2 @DigWallpapers.com 

Is there anyone cooler than Sonic the Hedgehog? Yes, but only one. Shadow the Hedgehog makes his debut in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, where he balances out Sonic’s chirpy attitude with a moody demeanor and his awesome black stripes. Just don’t play his solo game (not an opinion everyone at PT agrees with).

Sonic wallpaper: promotional art for the game Sonic Heroes shows Sonic, Knuckle, and Tails, leaping into the air against a cloudy background

Sonic Heroes @WallpaperCave 

Sonic always has the support of his friends, and Sonic Heroes puts that partnership front and center with the gameplay. The titular heroes are the focus of this artwork, which brings back so many memories that we can already hear the theme song.

Sonic wallpaper: an illustration from the opening cut scene to Sonic Mania shows a paste coloured Sonic leaping into the air in joy

Sonic Mania @Reddit 

It’s tough to believe after so many years, but Sonic Mania is a stellar entry in the 2D Sonic library, and there’s an argument that it might be the very best. Tyson Hesse animated this opening cut scene, and even in this screengrab, you can feel the love poured into every frame.

Sonic wallpaper: promotional art for Sonic Rush shows Sonic and Blaze the Cat stood back to back

Motobadnik @DeviantArt 

Our best DS games list is overflowing with great dual-screen picks, and you’d better believe Sonic Rush has a place among them. Blaze the Cat is the star of this artwork alongside Sonic, and it even features the gorgeous blue and purple color scheme that adorns the promotional materials from the game’s release.

Sonic wallpaper: a pixelated scene shows Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy stood in Green Hill Zone

SonicX64DS @DeviantArt 

Remember Sonic Advance? We sure do. With three big adventures on the little GBA screen, the Sonic Advance series features vivid and detailed pixel artwork that stands out to this day. Artist SonicX64DS is behind this rework of the pixel style, and it looks just as good on the big screen as it does on the GBA.

Sonic wallpaper: promotional art for the Sonic Movie shows Sonic on the wing of a red plane being flown by Tails

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie @AlphaCoders 

It still feels like a miracle. While everyone talks about The Last of Us finally breaking the “video game adaptation curse”, I’m over here cuddling my blu-rays of the Sonic movies and wondering how everybody else seems to skip over them. While admittedly, the movie got off to a rocky start… aforementioned Sonic mega-fan Tyson Hesse supervised the redesign of the Sonic movie, going on to give us the incredible design we now know and love.

Alright, Sonic fans, hopefully, you find something to love among these stellar Sonic wallpaper picks. If you need even more of the blue blur in your life, be sure to read our guides covering Sonic characters, the best Sonic games, and our favorite Sonic figures.