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Nintendo Switch’s Knockout City out for the count this summer

Get ready to head into Knockout City on Switch for a last hurrah this summer as Velan Studios shuts it down and gears up for something new

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Knockout City remains live and kicking for now, but has announced its plans to shut down all servers later this year. Before that, though, we get Season 9 of the game to enjoy. Score!

Velan Studios announced that come June 6th, 2023, all Knockout City servers across the globe are shutting down, and the game will no longer be playable. Knockout City is nearing its two-year anniversary, bringing a last hurrah of updates with it, but the announcement comes as a sad surprise. Velan Studios promises that whatever comes in the future will be bigger and better and that it will use what it’s learned from Knockout to improve.

All in-game transactions will be halted, so you won’t be able to purchase any more Holobux or bundles after February 28th, when Season Nine kicks off. The upcoming events are stacked with rewards and cosmetics to make up for the removal of microtransactions. There is no word about potential refunds at this time.

Developers promise that a private server version of Knockout City will be available on PC, for those that wish to continue playing even after the game ends.

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