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Nothing can protect you from Legends of Runterra’s disintegrate

Legends of Runeterra’s disintegrate card is causing a bit of discourse as it tears through the majority of protective cards in Riot’s game

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It’s fair to say that card games all depend on your deck, but a recent Legends of Runeterra Redditor encountered a card that can only be described as grossly overpowered, and given this player is on the receiving end, it’s fair to say that they feel a bit of frustration towards the mechanic, and we get it – nobody likes to be done dirty.

The Legends of Runeterra OP card in question is Legends of Runeterra’s disintegrate, a card that sounds like it could do some damage, but you’re not alone if you think there should be a limit to the devastation it can cause, as BestGrell’s Reddit post explains. The LoR player came across this card, and the encounter didn’t end well – perhaps even unfairly so. “Yes, the Armored Tuskrider died to this combat with no additional damage spell, yes I lost the game because of it,” BestGrell explains.

“I heard about disintegrate going through tough and though ‘I mean, I guess I could see that’. I heard about it going through barrier, and thought, ‘that seems a bit too strong, but okay’. But this card literally says ‘cannot damage me’ on it.”

Okay, any card that says something can’t damage you should abide by those words, and clearly that’s a sentiment many share, as other Reddit users such as DrChripy say “wait, it goes through barrier? Now I see what people mean by it being a strong card.”

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Are Legends of Runeterra OP cards common?

Unfortunately, things like this always happen in games, and cards don’t always do what you expect them to in deck builders, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t allowed to express frustration when they come across such a situation, and it bites them in the butt.

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